The 5 Best 12 Volt Portable Air Conditioners (Review)

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An ever-increasing number of people are searching for compact and portable Air Conditioners or cooling units for vehicles, RVs and little homes – particularly given the ongoing summer heatwaves. Tragically, on the off chance that you don’t shop cautiously (or completely see how little climate control systems work), you could end up with a bit of garbage.

Regardless of whether you’re living out of a vehicle or attempting to chill off a little room or RV, we’re going to stall how to pick the best compact AC unit. You can likewise jump right to our reviews or suggestions.

Best 12 Volt Portable Air Conditioner

To tell you how to buy the best portable Air Conditioner, we first need to cover a few nuts and bolts about how these things work.

Bigger structures, similar to homes, are commonly furnished with a central AC unit which works like a monster fridge, utilizing a condenser, evaporator, and blower. For car applications, you should realize that any electrical machine that creates a distinction in temperature (warmers, climate control systems, or fridges) all require a lot of vitality.

How do the 12V Portable ACs work?

When utilizing a convenient vehicle AC or cooler fan, it is imperative to know how they work. There are a couple of alternatives for power, however the frequently utilized is either battery power or a 12v connector that connects to your vehicle or truck’s 12v container.

Cooler fans use water or ice (or a mix) to create cold air that is then passed up a fan. You should fill the chamber with either water or ice and turn the unit on. In the event that there is a fan speed choice, you can change the speed of the wind stream.

A convenient AC shouldn’t be persistently loaded up with water or ice and works also to a standard window forced air system. There will be an inside condenser and evaporator that pushes coolant through the channelling to cool the air being suctioned through. The outcome is new, chilly air being scattered all through the vehicle inside.

Both the compact climate control systems and convenient cooling fans have their focal points and hindrances.

Best 12 Volt Portable Air Conditioners

To keep you sorted, we reviewed a lot of such products in the market and made a list of what we found to be the best of the portable ones in the market. Have a look:

1. IcyBreeze v2 Portable Air Conditioner

Icybreeze Cooler Chill Package (Blue, 12V)

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as of June 3, 2023 4:52 pm

The IcyBreeze v2 Portable Air Conditioner is an extraordinary climate control system answer for your vehicle that has a messed up forced air system. This quality-grade 12v AC doesn’t require any establishment. Simply plug the battery in and you have a moment forced air system.

How IcyBreeze v2 Portable Air Conditioner functions?

Ice and little water are filled in the IcyBreeze cooler and the power is turned on. Air is then pulled from outside, to stumble into the cooling curls set inside. The cooled air is smothered by the adaptable hose. The hose guides the air to the necessary area. It is passed up a three speed fan keeping the territory cool. This makes the item reasonable for use by boaters, campers and in any event, during wearing exercises.

The 12v vehicle AC likewise incorporates power source choices to be specific a standard charger and a 12v 6AH Li-Ion battery pack. This unit has a discretionary 12v vehicle connector (sold independently) to keep up its cooling capacity in any event, for quite a long time of voyaging.


  • The cooler space has 38 quarts
  • Rechargeable Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) battery (12V)
  • 2 cup holders
  • Thick and insulated side walls
  • Additional integrated vent
  • Multiple lift points and ergonomic handle
  • Three-speed highly powered fan which blows up to 25mph
  • Built-in wheels for portability
  • Made in the USA


  • Sturdy and durable plastic.
  • Flexible hose for desired adjustments.
  • Battery powered for portability.
  • Battery charger and battery pack included.
  • Can be used as a food and beverage cooler.


  • Not suitable for cooling larger spaces like RVs.
  • Needs extra space to place in the car.

2. Evapolar EvaSmart Personal Evaporative Air Cooler

Evapolar EvaSmart Personal Evaporative Air Cooler and Humidifier and Portable Air Conditioner EV-3000 - Stormy Grey

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as of June 3, 2023 4:52 pm

The Evapolar EvaSmart is the littlest yet extremely encouraging versatile forced air system that you may use in your vehicle. It doesn’t simply cool however it likewise humidifies your vehicle.

This cooler is extremely simple to arrangement. Simply add water to its tank and it will work for as long as 8 hours. The handle is advantageous for moving this unit. It has a cartridge inside and is replaceable at whatever point important. There are four fan settings with a straightforward hint of a catch. Simply plug this unit in to your vehicle’s USB and presto you may appreciate the cooling impacts yourself!

One thing to take note of that this convenient cooler isn’t intended for at least two individuals. At the point when the sun’s warmth is at its pinnacle, you will see that it’s cooling limit won’t support. Also, this unit needs a space to be put and your vehicle’s dashboard isn’t sufficient. You can put it on the front traveller sit in the event that you need to utilize this. In this way this is an incredible cooler for the driver alone.


  • Air-cooler functionality.
  • Humidifier.
  • USB-powered cooler.
  • Replaceable evaporative cartridge.
  • Light and compact.


  • Good value for the money.
  • Efficient.
  • USB-powered.
  • Light, compact and movable.
  • Cools and humidifies.


  • Works for only one person.

3. Arctic Air Portable Airplane Air Conditioner

Arctic Air Portable Airplane Air Conditioner 12 Volt 38 Qt

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as of June 3, 2023 4:52 pm

The Arctic Air Portable Airplane Air Conditioner is a convenient forced air system controlled by 12v DC. It is intended for cooling plane things however it works unbelievably well on trucks.

This convenient AC seems as though an ordinary cooler however it has an enormous compartment for ice or water. Its outside is made with ballistic nylon which isn’t a standard material. It can withstand mileage, or even in brutal conditions. In the event that you need a louver vent, you have to get it independently. The inherent siphon out element lets you void the cooler from water.

This AC has a broad force string estimating 84 inches. Its compartment has a limit of 38-quart. There is likewise a 52-quart accessible.


  • 12v DC powered air conditioner.
  • Exterior material is made with ballistic nylon.
  • 84-inch power cord.
  • 38-quart capacity for ice.
  • Holds up to 40 lbs. of ice.
  • Built-in pump out feature.


  • Works well for trucks.
  • Built-in pump out feature.
  • Great air cooler for large spaces.
  • 12v power cord.


  • The louver vent is sold separately.
  • Comes with a hefty price.

4. Evaporative Air Conditioner

Mikikin Portable Air Conditioner Fan, Personal Space Evaporative Air Cooler Rechargeable USB Desk Fan with LED Light, 3 Speeds, Super Quiet Humidifier Misting Cooling Fan for Home Office Bedroom

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as of June 3, 2023 4:52 pm

Purchasers considered it their own, evaporative fan. They saw a huge contrast in nature after they turned this on. At the point when this gadget is completely energized, it can without much of a stretch keep going for around eight hours. In the wake of including cool water or ice, it tosses cool air, making the room endurable.

It is anything but difficult to utilize; all the client needs to do is play with two catches. One is the fan button, and the subsequent one is the capacity button. The fan button permits you to control wind speeds and a negative particle generator. Other than these highlights, clients can without much of a stretch change their breeze outlet cutting edge to ninety degrees.

If you like to have a command over your gadgets, at that point this ought to be your pick. This smaller than expected forced air system permits you to control temperature, edges course, and even permits you to revive its tank. In addition, with the assistance of the capacity button, you can transform it to the night mode, permitting you to have a sound rest.

By and large, this unit is effectively convenient and flexible, offers various capacities, doesn’t devour a lot of vitality, doesn’t utilize Freon, and is enthusiastic about cash sparing. These highlights make it deserving of a little spot in your room. Purchase this smaller than usual climate control system and keep the mid year’s warmth outside


  • Built-in rechargeable battery.
  • Ensures light and healthy environment.
  • Designed with a soft leather handle.
  • Easy to carry from one place to another.
  • Acts as a cooler and a humidifier, both.


  • You will have to be extra careful with the ice.

5. 12v Dual Head Car Fan

Car Fans 12V Vehicle Fan, 5inch Truck Cooling Fan with LED Display Temperature &Humidity, 12 Speeds and 360 Rotatable for Car Truck Van SUV RV Boat Auto Vehicles Golf

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as of June 3, 2023 4:52 pm

If you are also looking for a decent option for AC in your vehicle, the 12v Dual Head Car Fan is a decent choice with its incredible activity yet economical cooling elective for vehicle. Simply plug the fan to your vehicle’s 12v attachment and switch it on.

There are 12 settings you can pick in addition to the fan can be balanced 360 degrees. The activity isn’t uproarious however. The fan blows likewise to the most minimal setting of vehicle’s fan. This fan can be utilized on most vehicles with 12v attachment.

Mounting this fan is simple with the cements gave. One disadvantage is that it may cause issue with your vehicle’s dashboard on the off chance that you need to evacuate it to change its position. In the event that you need to do this, you likewise need to get another pair of cement.

The propelled LED show is an incredible element to decide the temperature inside your vehicle. This is the main fan recorded with a temperature and dampness sensor. That is the reason this fan settled on it to our top decisions for 12v fan for vehicles.


  • Inexpensive AC alternative for car.
  • 12v operation with 12v cord included.
  • 360 degree rotation.
  • 12 speed settings.
  • Powerful motor that delivers great air flow.
  • Digital display for temperature and humidity.
  • 12v operation with 12v cord included.


  • Only the adhesives to mount the fan are included.

How to buy the best 12V Portable Air Conditioner?

Just like a normal-sized and normal functioning air conditioner, a compact portable air conditioner has a couple of factors attached to it. To make this easy for you, let us go through those factors you should definitely consider before hitting up your pockets:

  • Power

Most versatile climate control systems utilize the vehicle’s battery to work, subsequently you should consider power necessities. A dependable smaller than usual compact forced air system devours up to 12V of intensity however some may expend pretty much power. It’s ideal to avoid units that expend less force as they may not deliver great outcomes.

  • Speed Control:

The capacity to control speed is incredible as it permits you to choose the setting as per climate conditions and your needs. Consequently, it’s ideal to pick a unit that lets you select between at least two settings.

  • Rotation:

Air conditioner fans that can pivot in a 360-degree are progressively reasonable as they convey cold air in pretty much every side of the vehicle or truck.

  • ​Mounting Options:

Pick a unit that isn’t excessively overwhelming and simple to mount with the goal that you experience no difficulty in keeping it.

  • ​Ice Compartment:

Pick a unit Compact with charging or 3 x AA battery fuelled Portable Air Conditioner Fan Air Circulator Cooler. It has a decent ice compartment to guarantee you get chilled air. Notwithstanding, frosty air may not be useful for wellbeing.

  • ​Noise:

Pick a unit that works quietly. You would not want something that makes a lot of clamour. Pick something of which’s noise won’t interrupt or disturb you.



A 12V portable AC framework or 12V cooling fan can be a lifeline for individuals who are on a constrained financial plan. There is no requirement for you to encounter the searing blistering long periods of summer inside a vehicle that can without much of a stretch transform into a sauna on the off chance that you leave it under the sun for a couple of hours.

The small power portable air conditioner for your vehicle or for anywhere you want to use is an alternative that will set aside you a lot of cash and it will assist you with maintaining a strategic distance from the costs of the interior AC that accompanies your vehicle. Get a portable Air Conditioner for vehicle or truck today and set aside cash while keeping your vehicle cool.

At the end of the day, choose a portable air conditioner that fulfils all your needs and falls under your budget.

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