The 5 Best 6 Inches Memory Foam Mattress (Review)

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You might not believe it but an inch or two can have an unimaginable effect when you are hoping to get a comfortable night’s sleep on your bed or your mattress. If you also care about the significance of a sound sleep and of having a quality mattress, you may as of now have a viscoelastic memory foam mattress that is aptly prepared to form and adjust to your definite body shape which takes into optimal support in consideration.

Also, if your mattress isn’t the correct thickness, it probably won’t offer the most optimal support during your naps or your sleep. Viscoelastic polyfoam, otherwise called memory foam, is a ‘brilliant’ material that viably softens once you lay your body on it.

Why Memory Foam?

Simultaneously, it returns to its unique shape once the material cools. These mattresses are quite often developed with at least one layer of the foam in the solace framework. The support core is generally comprised of exceptionally high-density polyfoam.

Since memory foam is such a material, it can adjust to your extraordinary body shape far superior to different mattresses which are available in the present-day market. This winds up assisting with furnishing your body with ideal spinal arrangement and it really helps with even-ing out the pressure that you put on your body while laying down on while sleeping.

Best 6 Inches Memory Foam Mattresses

This material is also highly proficient to viably prevent movement from transferring which assists with isolating developments while on the bed. Alongside this, it creates essentially no abundance sound when the mattress is bearing any weight. This makes the mattress an ideal choice for those that are couples that have unpredictable timetables as neither one of them will wake up on the grounds that the other is moving.

Are 6 inches Enough?

You may be pondering, exactly how lean is too lean? Manufacturers have endeavoured to situate more slender memory foam mattresses like 6-inch mattresses as the most ideal decision. Be that as it may, actually, any ideal memory foam mattress ought to have at least 2 layers for ideal comfort and support.

On the off chance that it doesn’t have in any event two layers, it’s anything but a genuine memory foam mattress. That being stated, a 6-inch mattress is a decent choice for people who are working for budget. It also counts as an ideal mattress choice for either a guest room or even a youngster’s room.

Best 6 Inches Memory Foam Mattresses

1. Zinus 6 Inch Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress

Zinus 6 Inch Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress / CertiPUR-US Certified / Bed-in-a-Box / Pressure Relieving, Narrow Twin

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Zinus Green Tea Memory Foam is an adjusting mattress that offers comfort and pressure-relieving support for sleepers. It is CertiPUR-US guaranteed for content. execution, and toughness and utilizations a licensed innovation for brilliant transportation. The mattress is injected with green tea separate for better night’s rest and castor characteristic seed oil to hinder smell and microorganisms.

The Zinus 6-inch Memory Foam mattress has an extensive life expectancy. It ordinarily goes on for up to 10 years with appropriate consideration. It has the CertiPUR-US seal as confirmation that the foam is tried and ensured to meet explicit models for physical execution, condition stewardship, and indoor outflows.

Zinus mattress ingests and disconnects movement to a critical degree. It is ideal for couples with various timetables as it forestalls evening time disturbances. It is firmer than different brands, which makes it very agreeable.

Zinus 6-inch Memory Foam mattress offers superb adjusting and lightens agonies and hurts for most sleepers. Its layers incorporate 1-inch memory foam and 5-inch wind stream high-thickness base help foam for solace and weight remembering support.

Zinus mattress is imbued with green tea concentrate to advance better night’s rest. It additionally has castor characteristic seed oil to block smell and bacterial naturals, Moreover, it utilizes a protected innovation that proficiently packs the mattress for advantageous delivery.


  • Great for back torment.
  • Diminishes evening time disturbances for couples.
  • CertiPUR-US affirmed for substance execution, and strength.
  • Firm and amazingly agreeable.
  • Uses RioFoam with plant afflict, making it sound, protected and normal.
  • Bonded with green tea to advance better rest and castor regular seed afflict to battle smell and microscopic organisms.


  • Can get warm, particularly throughout the summer.

2. Lucid 6-inch Memory Foam Mattress

LUCID 6 Inch Memory Foam Mattress - Dual-Layered - CertiPUR-US Certified - Firm Feel - Twin Size

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as of March 26, 2023 9:30 pm

Lucid is a double layered 6 inch memory foam mattress that is normally impervious to different allergens microorganisms, build-up, and residue parasites. It gives a more profound. more advantageous, and undisturbed rest after a long time after night. Lucid uses open cell innovation that makes the mattress enduring and stronger. It accompanies a two-inch comfort layer and a thicker four-inch high thickness foam base for additional immovability and backing. The 6-inch memory foam mattress additionally incorporates a 10-year guarantee, which mirrors the high certainty of the producer in the nature of its item.

The mix of right immovability, uphold. furthermore, non-abrasiveness causes you get subterranean insect phenomenal night’s sans rest from the unsettling influence of harsh accomplice’s thrashing around. The superior memory foam adjusts to your body weight and position rapidly: It underpins your Natural bends so quick that your neck or back agony can he recuperated. Lucid’s open cell innovation enables the mattress to change to your resting position so you won’t be lying on a crater, It additionally adjusts your spine accurately, improving your stance and forestalling any lower back ache.

Lucid 6 inch memory foam mattress doesn’t contain formaldehyde, phthalates or PBDE fire retardants, It is additionally low in VOC. which gives different mattresses a solid and undesirable scent. Its additionally totally liberated from common and engineered latex, Moreover. the CertiPUR US accreditation guarantees you that the item meets explicit standards for physical execution. natural mindfulness, and indoor outflows.


  • Gives the correct immovability, backing, and delicate quality for a great night’s sleep.
  • Speedy recuperation time.
  • Doesn’t have an unsavoury scent.
  • Tough and lang Lasting, on account of opens cell technology.
  • Accompanies mattress cover that gives additional security from spills and stains.
  • Accompanies a fabulous long term guarantee.

3. Molblly 6 inch Cooling-Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Full Size Mattress, Molblly 6 inch Cooling-Gel Memory Foam Mattress in a Box, Breathable Bed Mattress for Cooler Sleep Supportive & Pressure Relief, 54" X 75" X 6"

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Molblly is a top notch 6-inch Memory Foam mattress intended for prevalent help and warmth dissemination. It includes an all-foam bed plan and progressed rest innovation to furnish you with a tranquil rest condition. The mattress accompanies a 10-year guarantee, and you can contact customer care for help whenever. The Molblly 6-inch Gel Memory Foam mattress is a splendidly built and genuinely valued item. It has a contemporary plan that adjusts to the particular dozing condition and a polymer structure that permits air to stream. The mattress is incredibly sturdy and has a 30-night guarantee. Its ground-breaking support keeps you from sinking into the bed.

Molblly utilizes an extraordinary gel foam that assimilates 95% of weight. giving you a tranquil resting condition and decreasing the recurrence of turning over. Subsequently, your accomplice won’t upset your rest and the other way around. The 6-inch memory foam mattress is reasonable for the stomach, back, and side sleepers. It arrives at a harmony among immovability and non-abrasiveness and gives a “spot on” feeling that offers enough help for your back. Additionally, it has no-sink uphold that adjusts and adjusts to the state of your body for the ideal weight alleviation.

The Molblly 6-inch Gel Memory Foam mattress utilizes particular foams to lessen movement move so your rest won’t be upset by your accomplice’s thrashing around. It additionally accompanies skin-accommodating textures that adjust to your dozing condition and keeps the surface at an ideal resting temperature. Moreover, it incorporates a delicate. hypoallergenic spread layer that is launderable for your benefit.


  • Contemporary plan that adjusts to your resting prerequisites.
  • Inhales openly, on account of its widespread polymer structure.
  • Ground-breaking support with no-sink innovation.
  • Has numerous accreditations, including CertiPUR-US and OEKO-TEX Standard 100.
  • Assimilates 95% of weight for a comfortable and comfortable rest understanding.
  • Made of safe materials; doesn’t contain metals and unsafe substances.


  • At first has a slight smell when you open it.

4. Olee Sleep 6 inch Ventilated Multi Layered Memory Foam Mattress

Olee Sleep 6 Inch Ventilated Multi Layered Memory Foam Mattress

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as of March 26, 2023 9:30 pm

Olee Sleep is a spending plan amicable mattress that offers the advantage of premium mattresses. It is marginally on the firmer side; however, the top layers give an agreeable vibe. It likewise utilizes high-grade materials that are protected and hypoallergenic. Also, it acclimates to your bodyand gives a great degree of solace for a superior night’s rest.

The Olee Sleep 6-inch Memory Foam Mattress accompanies a jacquard spread for expanded toughness, it is additionally CertiPUR-US confirmed for quality and life span. It breezes through the assessments of execution and wellbeing emphatically, making it uncommonly comfortable and comfortable. In addition, the mattress incorporates a restricted 10-year guarantee.

Olee Sleep multi-layer is sufficient to give clients sound rest. It utilizes a ventilated air framework; you won’t be upset during the night. The memory foam is ergonomic and extraordinarily made to give you a cooing rich when dozing on a superficial level. It likewise takes out movement unsettling influences, bringing about sound rest.

The Olee Sleep mattress utilizes high-grade materials that give the ideal immovability without bargaining non-abrasiveness. It takes the state of your body, subsequently helping you keep up your stance. It likewise underpins the lumbar impeccably, keeps up legitimate arrangement, and gives more solace. In the event that you are experiencing back and neck torment, you can spend too much on this mattress to get free of them through and through.

The Olee Sleep 6-inch ventilated multi-layer mattress has a superior FOAM base that advances legitimate back help for weightless rest. It additionally cooks undisturbed rest by decreasing thrashing around during the night. The mattress likewise accompanies the new Dura memory foam to give extra body-adjusting solace. Additionally, it incorporates a premium poly jacquard spread that keeps your mattress new and clean.


  • Incorporates jacquard covering to delay its life.
  • Breathable and tough, because of appropriate ventilation.
  • Weight assuaging materials to annihilate agonies and hurts.
  • Disposes of movement unsettling influences, bringing about sound rest.
  • Expanded toughness because of quality of high-thickness uphold foam.
  • Dura memory foam for extra solace.


  • Can be excessively firm.

5. PrimaSleep 6inch Memory Foam Mattress

PrimaSleep 6inch Memory Foam Mattress Full Size,White,Smooth Top,Restful and Comfortable Sleeping

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as of March 26, 2023 9:30 pm

The PrimaSleep is a 6-inch mattress that includes the solace of memory foam, offers stable help, and limits pressure on your body. It bolsters your body weight similarly to calm weight on your shoulders, feet, and hips. It likewise disposes of movement aggravation for an evening of continuous rest. Besides, it includes a thick foam centre to give exceptional solace.

The 6-inch memory foam mattress is uncommonly intended to last more and offer incredible execution. It is made of exceptionally thick foam to furnish you with the vital delicate quality and soundness. Despite the fact that the top layer is delicate, the mattress actually accompanies a steady base to help your body development when you rest around evening time.

The PrimaSleep 6-inch memory foam mattress suits a wide range of sleepers. It furnishes you with numerous evenings of most extreme unwinding and continuous rest. Since the mattress underpins body development during rest, you don’t need to stress over awakening in the night from your accomplice’s throwing and throwing.

The PrimaSleep 6-inch mattress’ top layer offers uphold ta the body and adjusts to its shape naturally. It additionally accompanies three layers of foam to alleviate torment and guarantee comfort. Additionally, the base is sufficiently steady to help your body development.

The memory foam mattress by PrimaSleep accompanies a premium poly jacquard spread that keeps it new and clean. It likewise includes a tangled layer that gives better ventilation and scatters body pressure for greatest solace. Also, it is gel-injected to help keep up newness and give exceptional solace.


  • Gel-imbued foam to keep the mattress cool and agreeable.
  • Made of breathable material for better air dissemination.
  • Endures longer and offers preferable execution over different alternatives.
  • Uses current innovation to give you most extreme unwinding.
  • The mattress is expandable and comes at an ideal size.
  • Delicate and stable, because of its high-thickness foam.


  • At first accompanies some scent.
  • Not entirely sturdy.

Buyer’s Guide:

You might think buying a mattress isn’t really that big of a deal but you should do your research before buying the best mattress for you and here are the factors you should definitely consider.

  • Size

Double, sovereign, ruler, and so forth – what’s your optimal size? This comes down to inclination, however don’t wrongly assume that a bigger size mattress than you’re utilized to, will fit fine and dandy in your present space. No one needs to occupy the whole space only for a mattress. The size will affect the expense.

  • Density

This isn’t the thickness of the mattress, it’s the thickness of the particular foam development utilized. No organization can simply utilize similar definite development as their rivals, so there’s various thickness evaluations. Singular deals pages will have more data on points of interest per brand and model.

  • Thickness

We’ll cover points of interest in the following significant segment, however the thickness of the mattress will affect the expense, and your solace. In case you’re resting more than one individual in this bed, you’ll need to choose a thicker mattress. Memory foam indents as indicated by complete weight and its circulation.

  • Comfort

After all, isn’t it a large portion of the fight? Some low-level memory foam mattresses commit one of two errors: make it agreeable, not solid, or make it tough, not happy. While we’ve removed the awful mattresses (we went through a ton of items), we kept comfort on the head of the rundown.


The weight alleviating advantages of a 6-inch memory foam mattress are what you need to forestall pressure injuries and limit torment in your touchy territories. At the point when you set down on memory foam, the mattress adjusts to the state of your body as opposed to constraining you to shape to it. At first, it was over the top expensive for inescapable use. Fortunately, numerous brands began to offer reasonable alternatives for low to centre salary families ta appreciate an exceptional mattress.

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