The 5 Best Motion Sensor Light Bulbs (Review + Buyer’s Guide)

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Amidst the current status of technology in the world and how it is affecting and changing lifestyles, for instance, motion sensors, voice control, and many other features that give people a sense of comfort, control, and ease of using the product.

People these days are investing more in motion sensor lights than in traditional lights with no features and which requires more efforts than motion sensor ones.

These motion sensor lights can be installed indoors as well as outdoors. There are some motion sensor lights, that can be called occupancy sensors that only works when there is some movement, and when the room is not empty. The sensors in them trigger the lights when it detects any movement. These lights with occupancy sensors are a way of cutting down the electricity bill and are low maintenance.

Best Motion Sensor Light Bulbs

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that soon every household will have one of the motion sensor appliances at different prices for people to buy. Talking about motion senor, let us take a look at 5 of the best motion sensor light bulbs that work both indoors and outdoors, available in the market.

1. Sengled Smartsense LED Flood Light PAR38 with Motion Sensor

Sengled SS-PAR38NAE26W LED with Motion Sensor (Smartsense), PAR38 Smart Security Floodlight Bulb 3000K, 1050 Lumens, Waterproof for Outdoor Use, 1 Pack

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  • Built in-motion sensor
  • Easy to install, easy to use
  • Safe for outdoor use
  • Long-lasting
  • Affordability compared to other options
  • Waterproof
  • Saves power and money
  • Features 1-year warranty cover

Thinking about dark backyards and driveways, then you got a true companion for yourself. This product comes with a built-in motion sensor. This will ensure automatic illumination when motion is detected within 30 feet. Is it this smart?

This product has got wide application, from anywhere to everywhere where you need accent light, this product is there. One can easily install it and transform ordinary fixtures into motion-activated lights that too without the extra hardware or expense.

The bulb can easily stand up to 25,000 hours running on 0.2V energy rate, hence, making it an energy-efficient product. With 1050 lumen brightness, it can be used both indoor and outdoor. The light is not as much bright as the other products mentioned in the market

2. Aurora E26 Motion Activated Light bulbs

YEELIGHT Smart LED Bulb, Multi Color RGB, Wi-Fi, Dimmable, 60W Equivalent(10W), E26/E27 Smartphone Controlled, Works with Amazon Echo Alexa,Google Home,Compatible with Alexa, 1-Pack

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  • Good output power
  • PIR Motion Sensor
  • Built-in Dusk to Dawn Sensor
  • Energy Saving and Usage Occasion
  • Sensitive – upto10 feet away.
  • Efficient
  • Versatile
  • One-year warranty guarantee
  •  Easy to install
  • Includes 810 brightness lumens  

Bulbs exclusively for outdoor activities. A dusk to dawn sensor is in-built inside the bulb. This sensor makes sure that it will not turn on in the daytime even if it detects motion. Hence, saving power and money. Auto turns on in the dark when detecting motion.

An in-built PIR infrared sensor is present which can be seen at the top of the bulb. This sensor makes sure that when the bulb detects some motion within 8-13 ft in the dark, it will light up automatically. It will auto turn off once the motion disappeared after almost 40 sec.

According to the price and quality, these products are definitely a good lighting solution for number of application. Though the distance covered isn’t very large.

3. LOHAS Sensor Light Dusk till Dawn LED Light Sensor Porch Light Bulbs

LOHAS Sensor Light Dusk till Dawn LED Bulb, Light Sensor Porch Light Bulbs, A19 6W Daylight 5000K E26 LED Security Bulb(Auto on/off), Smart Indoor/Outdoor Lamp Lighting for Garage, Hallway(4 Pack)

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  • Auto on/off
  • Good Performance
  • Widely Used
  • Durable & Reliable
  • It is energy efficient
  • It is multifunctional
  • A19 6W and 500 lumens design
  • Last up to 30000hours

An excellent product with daylight white color. With in-built sensor, it can automatically turn on and off without doing it manually. Using this would save your electricity bill up to 85%.

Implies it’s both pocket and eco-friendly. With fresh illumination, it forms a perfect lighting solution for your home. No more harmful radiation of UV or IR. With 30000 working hours it reduces frequency of re-lamp.

Another feature is its manipulation power by which it controls the illumination of the bulb based on the intensity of the darkness. The performance is mind-blowing. It comes with 1year warranty. It works really well as security light.

The durability and reliability of this motion sensor bulb are really high, which makes it a product worth to try.

4. MINGER LED Smart Motion Sensor Light Bulb Auto On/Off 5W

Motion Sensor Light Bulb 5W, 50W Equivalent Smart Bulb Radar LED Motion Sensor Light Bulbs E26 Base Indoor Sensor Night Lights Soft White 2700K Outdoor Motion Sensor Bulb Auto On/Off

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  • Built-in Radar Sensor
  • Easy to install
  • Energy Saving
  • Long Lifespan
  • Widely Application
  • Easy to handle
  • Eco-friendly
  • Versatile

One of the super-light sensitive motion sensor light bulb present in the market. There is an auto radar motion detection which helps in it’s functioning of automatically turning off or on the light. Apart from being super sensitive, it exhibits wide sensing range than bulbs with traditional PIR motion sensor.

It comes with an infrared sensor with a 360-degree detection angle and 16-26ft detection range. Even in the presence of cars or any animal the bulb will glow. It has application everywhere whether indoor or outdoor.

Its installation is easy too. No use of any wire or additional motion detection fixtures. Just screw it into a standard light socket and forget it. A bright and warm light welcomes you. When there is no motion, it lasts for 30 secs. Hence, being eco-friendly. It is quite long-lasting even since it works in the motion only.

5. Vgogfly 7w Outdoor Smart Motion Sensor LED Light

Sensor Lights Bulb Dusk to Dawn LED Light Bulbs Smart Lighting Lamp 7W E26/E27 Automatic On/Off, Indoor/Outdoor Yard Porch Patio Garage Garden (Warm White, 2 Pack)

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  • Built-in PIR motion sensor
  • Good response to the movement
  • Durable
  • 100%warranty
  • Easy installation
  • Maximum energy conservation design
  • PIR sensor chip which works well

The in-built Auto PIR motion detection helps in turning on and off the light automatically. With the motion ceases the light turns off within 60 secs. It comes with a powerful Infrared sensor with a 120-degree detection angle and 13-16 feet detection range.

It uses less than 90% of the power than an ordinary bulb. It comes with easy installation. Just one disadvantage it has that it doesn’t work through glass or any lamp covers. And also Installation of bulbs works on a downward positional only.

Buyer’s Guide

Buying a light is not difficult, but, which one to buy is the real challenge. A decision not to regret later. Hence, what is the purpose and what are the parameters for purchasing a light bulb and, then making the purchase is an essential part of the whole purchasing process.

There are certain things to keep in mind when selecting the motion sensors lights.

These bulbs provide security with the sound alarm feature, but there are other motion sensor light bulbs available in the market without the alarm feature and can be used plainly. How a buyer wants to use these light bulbs is also one of the reasons that different types of light bulbs are available in the market.

What should a buyer look for in the device he/she intends on purchasing?

  • Luminance

Taking the type of light bulb into consideration is essential is one of the components a person should look when buying motion sensor lights. There are different types of light bulbs available in the market, like CFL’s, Halogens, Incandescent, fluorescent, and LED’s. LED is the most common and most efficient when it comes to motion sensor lights.

  • Motion Detection Range

The range for detection of motion is also a critical feature to keep in mind. Motion detectors range can have a variety of 10feet to nearly a 100feet. If the buyer does not want the lights to turn on for things at a distance and want them to light up when passing by, then a range of 8- 10 feet will do the job.

  • Brightness level

This feature depends on where and how the buyer will install and use the light bulb. Places where the person does not want the light to be very bright, like at stairways, lobby, sometimes in the bathroom, then a low lumens light will work fine but, in places like basements, closets, storerooms where a person need to find or keep things now and then then highly bright led motion sensor light will be excellent. The lumens can be 40, 1600, 6000, and it goes on.

  • Source of Power

The source of power determines the power of the bulb. It is essential to know the source of energy if the bulbs operate on battery, for how long will it work is the question that buyers need to consider. The types of primary sources of power are Battery, Hardwired, and Solar powered.

Most lights use regular alkaline batteries that a person can buy from anywhere; others use rechargeable batteries that do not need any wiring. Solar-powered lights charge itself with sunlight. Hardwired lights do not run on batteries they are installed in existing home wires and are also easy to install.

  • Energy Consumption

These lights an excellent way of minimizing the consumption of energy or does not consume power at all because most of them operate on battery and the ones that do consume some energy, use it less as these lights only work in the dark or night time when there is some presence around, and there are other smart lights also that can be controlled remotely by the user itself and this can help the buyer save much energy.

It is believed that 6% of the emission of greenhouse gases in the world is from the energy used for lightening. So these lights are perfect for cutting down this emission and in keeping the environment safe from such harmful gases; hence, they are called environment-friendly.

  • Functionality

The two functionalities are Manual and Automatic, the first one work just like the traditional lightening by flipping the switch and it can also work as the other automatic motion sensor lights. The latter does not have any switch feature and will remain on unless discharged.

  • Motion sensors

The types of motion sensors are passive infrared (PIR) that detects body heat and are the most common motion sensors being used in the lights.

MicroWave(MW) which sends out microwave pulses and detects and measures reflections of moving objects. These are expensive motion sensors.

Dual Technology Motion Sensors come with combined features to help reduce false alarms. For instance, PIR combined with MW with their different spectrums of operation; the light will work more efficiently.

Area Reflective Type releases infrared rays from LED, the reflection of which helps the sensor to measure the distance of the person or object and detects if it is in the range.

Ultrasonic motion sensor emits pulses of ultrasonic waves and measures the reflection of a moving object.

Vibration motion sensor detects vibration. These sensors can readily be built at home and are not very reliable.

Some Uses of Motion Sensor Lights

  • Security

The motion-sensing feature can keep the house safe from intruders and play an important in home security. For keeping the house safe, these lights also come with a sound alarm system that will not only switches the lights on but also triggers an alarm when someone tries to trespass. These can be used on windows and doors and will be triggered when someone will try to open them forcibly.

  • As Decorations

These lights are also perfect for giving the house an elegant and sophisticated look. The smart lights can be paired with other smart devices will make your home a stylish and bright home.

  • Arrival and Departure

Every time a person leaves home, he/she need not worry about turning the lights off and turning them on every arrival. The hassle is gone.


  • What should be the distance for motion sensors to detect movements?

Different light bulbs sport various motion sensors, some better than the others. The motion range varies from product to product. Usually, they detect motion up to 8 feet.

  • Does the light bulb need charging?

No, the bulbs need no charging.

  • How to Install the Bulbs?

The bulbs need to be fixed in any bulb fixture or socket — some need to be screwed.

  • Can pets trigger motion sensors?

Yes, they can, but by making necessary adjustments, it will stop detecting motion of the pets.

  • Where can these lights be installed?

There are no specific areas for these lights to be installed. They can be used in any room or even outdoors.

  • How do these lights work?

They detect motion, and the movement triggers lights, and they switch on its own at night.

  • Does the product have a warranty?

It depends on the manufacturer and the seller. Product warranty varies from product to product as it depends on the manufacturer.


Having these Motion Sensor Light bulbs at home as they prove to be electrically efficient. Leaving the lights on by mistake won’t be a problem as these lights are motion sensing and only works when someone is present. This way, they also prove to be environment -friendly, too. The consumers will have to pay less for electricity.

There is hardly or no need for switches for lights like these. These lights have different ways of installing and does not always need to be fixed in fixtures and can be installed by using just the adhesive pads, and with motion-sensing technology, there won’t be any need for continually switching the lights on and off.

This way, these lights prove to be very convenient and comfortable without any hassles and efforts.

These bulbs can also provide security as it will make it difficult for burglars or thieves to break into houses where the lights turn-on on its own when sensing motion. Hence, it will act as a deterrent.

The lights will increase security without spending any extra money on other things.

These lights/bulbs do not need any specific location to work as they can be installed anywhere in the house, whether it is porch or rooms or open areas or garages. There is no need to check on the lights regularly.

The motion sensors in the lights can be adjusted according to the sensitivity levels. If not fixed, they will turn on when the motion is even the tiniest.

These lights are not only made for the personal spaces, but also for public places, like for example these lights can be installed at the entrance of any public building or in parks. In buildings, like those motion sensor doors that open when there is some motion detection.

In gardens or parks, there are landscape lightening or garden lightening also suggested the use of outdoor illumination of public parks or landscapes or even private gardens for the making the place pleasing aesthetically at night, for security, for social purposes, and events

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