The 5 Best Nerf Sniper Rifle in the Market (Review)

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Playing the game of bomb busting when we were a kid is something we all will never forget. During our childhood we used to use tennis balls or paper balls as bombs and we used to bust our friends and siblings with that. Well this age-old game has taken a very modern turn and today’s world this game is known as Nerf wars.

Best Nerf Sniper Rifle in the Market

In this game toy snipers namely Nerf snipers are used in order to play this game and while this game is just meant for children there are several nerf snipers which could be used by adults as well. Kids nowadays are always busy playing video games and they rarely play outside. This nerf war makes children really interested to play outdoors and they also learn strategic gameplay which will help them in solving any problem in the near future.

Best Nerf Sniper Rifle in the Market

Here in this article we present to you the top 5 best Nerf Sniper rifles for all little kids and adults alike.

1.  Nerf N-Strike Rapid CS-18 Blaster

Nerf N-Strike Elite Rapidstrike CS-18 Blaster (Colors may vary)

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  • It is made up of high-quality materials.
  • It is sturdy and durable.
  • It has the capacity of holding 18 darts.
  • It comes with the feature of rapid firing.
  • It can cover a distance of up to 75 feet.
  • It comes with see-through magazines.
  • It uses alkaline batteries.

This rifle is specially designed focusing on the standards and safety issues. The manufacturer has done a very good job in making this rifle both safe to use and also to shoot on point. This rifle is specially designed for kids of and above 8 years of age, so it is a good rifle to win games for your children.

This rifle has a capacity of holding 18 darts at one time and this is the feature which most models lack making this one of the best nerf sniper rifles. It is made of high-quality materials which are also a great plus point. The manufacturer not only worked hard in making this product safe for use but also guaranteed its durability by using some really good materials.

It uses lightweight materials which makes the children carry this rifle with ease and for a very long period of time. Neither do they find it heavy and bulky like most others nor do they feel uncomfortable holding it for a long period of time.

It comes with the feature of rapid firing which makes it very easy to win wars and beat the opponent with the blink of an eye. Keeping all these factors in mind it is considered to be a very good rifle sniper. 

2.  Nerf N-Strike Elite Retaliator

Nerf N-Strike Elite Retaliator

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  • It has a removable stock.
  • It comes with barrel extensions with tactical rails.
  • It comes with a stable handle. 
  • It can cover a distance of up to 90 feet.
  • It comes with the capacity of holding 12 darts.
  • It comes with 3 interchangeable parts.
  • It is a little flimsy.

This series is quite recent in the market of Nerf Rifles. Chances are most people have even used this rifle quite a few times. This is a very versatile weapon and is an in-depth choice when you take a look at it.

This rifle instantly makes you feel that you are into some serious business and all set for the action of a lifetime. This rifle provides 3-4 configurations which makes it really easy to customize and personalize. Ther retaliator has several functions and it can be used as a sniper, an assault rifle and even a pistol depending on the needs of the warrior on the battlefield.

It is generally configured to be an assault rifle and has the feature of shoot nad cock one at a time. The cock is placed on the top and it is removable which allows the user to take the muzzle off from the back and front portion in order to make it a sidearm. This set up is great when you do not need to use too much power on your opponent and there is no need for an assault rifle.

It further comes with attachments which include 2 upper rails and 1 lower rail. If further comes with a grip which can be attached and removed quite easily. It is not made of the best of materials and seems little flimsy but having said that it is quite sturdy and does not come off easily.

It also comes with a place to hol a camera for all those combat5 missions and can generally hold 12 darts at a time which is more than enough. The only problem is that you need to load it every time you fire and also the front grip is loose.

3.  Nerf N-Strike Elite Demolisher

Nerf N-Strike Elite Demolisher 2-in-1 Blaster

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  • It has 2 missiles included.
  • It can fire both missiles and darts.
  • It covers a distance of up to 90 feet.
  • It has a motorized pump for dart blasting.
  • It comes with a trigger to power the rifle.
  • It comes with a detachable stock.
  • It comes with in-built missile storage.

This is quite a new edition as it can fire both missiles which are new and also the regular darts. It requires 4 batteries and has a banana clip which can hold ten batteries at a time. This rifle further has 10 elite darts and 2 missiles included.

It has a wide range which does not give your opponent a safe option to hide. It also comes with a detachable stock for holding extra missile for future purposes. It has a motorized pump for dart blasting and also fro firing up the missiles.

This rifle is a little heavy for kids to be carrying around for a long period of time. It has too many attachments which account for the heaviness of it but it is a great rifle for adults who wants to bust their opponents in a fun game. The missiles, however, can be removed which will make the rifle a little less heavy.

It has the feature of a trigger which needs to be pressed while shooting every time. The missile needs to be slid through the demolisher in order to get fired. It has a socket and bow which account for quick firing and also comes with several tactical rails to help for the same. It is customizable and has a pinpoint accuracy which makes it a great rifle of choice. The only drawback is that the dart gets jammed every time you try to fire it.

4.  Nerf Zombie Strike Hammershot Blaster

Nerf Zombie Strike Hammershot Blaster

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  • It comes with a blasting action of hammer shot.
  • It is made of high-quality materials.
  • It comes with the capacity of holding 5 darts.
  • It is a blaster of one-handed.
  • It is made up of safe materials.
  • It is sturdy and durable.
  • It has a precise aim.

This rifle is made up of high-quality materials which are also safe for use. It comes with green elite darts and has the capacity of holding 5 darts at a time. It has some new additional features which include some stencils and an instruction manual for better use.

The design is also quite colourful which is also quite new for Nerf rifles. This rifle has a unique style and also is elevated upto several levels. It comes with a priming handle which needs to be pulled down for operating the rifle. It further has a cylinder rotating across the handle.

The barrel is not flimsy so it will not move each time you pull the trigger. The darts are also locked in place and they do not pop out until they are fired. It has a precise aim and the dart goes exactly where you have placed your aim.

People who abstain from pistols might not find this rifle useful. But for people who are into cosplays and like to have a little weirdness during their Nerf wars, this is a great weapon of choice. 

5.  Nerf N-Strike Elite Spectre Rev-5 Stealth Blaster

Nerf N-Strike Elite Spectre Rev-5 Stealth Blaster

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as of March 17, 2023 8:37 pm


  • It comes with the loading type of a revolver.
  • It can fire long shots.
  • It has good accuracy.
  • It has a barrel included.
  • It is extremely powerful.
  • It does not jam very often.
  • It provides great performance and works very smoothly.

This rifle is quite unique and it can provide you with a real-life experience of actual wars as it contains a silencer. It comes with a detachable barrel extension which is situated on the front. This extension can be attached to anything compatible with the front nozzle.

This rifle shoots darts which are elite and so there is no doubt about its range or accuracy. It has the capacity of holding 5 darts at a time and they can be bent to load it inside the rifle. It has a pop-out nozzle which makes it quite easy to load the darts.

Since it holds fewer darts than the usual rifles, this rifle is quite slimmer and thinner which makes it quite comfortable to carry. It has a small ergonomic handle which is quite handy and also has a really nice grip which makes it useful. It has a stock attachment facility which unfortunately collapses while it is held up against the shoulder.

The rifle can shoot extremely powerfully and it does not jam that often like the other models. It also works very smoothly and provides great performance which is a great plus point for nerf rifles.

Buyer’s Guide

There are several Nerf sniper rifles available out there in the market and finding the best one which will suit your needs is quite a struggle. Therefore there are certain factors you should keep in mind while looking for a sniper rifle which will make you feel like a warrior during your Nerf Wars and will allow you to specialize and practice so that you win every battle. Here are some of the factors you should keep in mind the next time you go sniper rifle shopping.

  • Sniper

Since sniper rifles are all about the snipers this is the first thing you should consider. In the Nerf Wars this is the most anticipated category to look for. The snipers of your rifles are the most reliable feature and team member of your team.

They hold great responsibility and they are the ones who can either make or break the game. Since it hold such a big responsibility it should be the best. Look for snipers which has a good range because snipers are all about attacking and not about counter attacks.

Also look for now which has a great accuracy so that you never miss out on any of your opponent ever. The best part about snipers is that you can shoot your enemy from a distance without having to go near it.

  • Stealthy

If you like to play it can then you might want to choose a stealthy rifle. This is the most classy Nerf Rifles of all times. It can fire fast and has the capacity to end the game with the blink of an eye.

It can also finish your opponent with one single shot which undoubtedly tells it is going to be perfect. This is great for all those people who like to finish the game with one shot without having to counter-attack. Look for guns which are motorized and look for the fact if they are noisy or not.

If it is too noisy then you might want to discard this option and go for something which is silent and swift and will not bother you each time you fire or load. Another important factor to consider here would be the weight. Don’t look for heavy guns as it is going to be difficult to make quick movements with it. Look for something lightweight and also which can load and shoot fast so that it can enable you to win the Nerf War.

  • Pistol

This is another factor to consider and it is something which every Nerf warrior has on their list. This is because pistols are pretty lightweight and they can be easily carried anywhere and everywhere. This feature is mainly used during emergency situations when you find yourself trapped and there is no dart left to fire in your main weapon.

The pistols can shoot one dart at a time and it is a great choice for the main weapon as well. It is even a better choice if you can find a pistol which is multitasking. Pistols are affordable and they can come in very handy in your battleground as a stealthy weapon. You can definitely decide to keep one with you if you desperately want to win a war.

  • Rifle 

Rifles are a great buy if you want your dart shooter to have some additional range.  These are not very heavy but despite that they are not very comfortable to be carried on and about with one hand. You need to reload it and use it every time but it does serve the purpose during the time of crisis. 

  • Shotgun

Shotguns are just the opposite of rifles and it does allow you to shoot multiple darts at a time. If you are bored with rifles and find it really frustrating to load it and use it every time, this is a good option for you. It also allows you to carry extra darts in order to maintain the requirements of darts in your gun.

  • Customizable

Professional Nerf warriors always look for guns that are customizable because this feature allows them to design their gun according to their own needs and convenience. It is a little expensive than the regular rifles but you can really give it a try if you want to be a professional and want to earn some extra money.


  • How many batteries do the rifles take?

The rifles take 4 batteries of Type-C.

  • Are these guns fast or slow shooter?

You have a mixture of both fast and slow shooter guns.

  • Can the velocity be adjusted in these guns?

No, the velocity can not be adjusted in any nerf guns.

  • What is the range of all these guns?

All these guns can fire up to a range of 75-90 feet.

  • Do all the guns use elite darts?

Yes, all the guns do use green elite darts.

  • Do these guns jam a lot?

Some of these guns do jam while others don’t. so you just need to go through the description to find out.


Today in this world of smartphones and smart gadgets it is very important for parents to teach their children the benefits of playing outdoors. Games such as Nerf Wars can really build up the coordination of the mind and body of every child and it will fulfill the requirement of their daily exercises.

This game also allows the children to learn to express themselves and also function as a team. It is a fun game which can be very useful for the cognitive development of every child.

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