The 5 Best Undermount Kitchen Sinks for Granite Countertops

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Are you remodelling or renovating your kitchen? Are you drained with the tiresome process of going through all sorts of stuff including interior designing, choosing counter tops, kitchen equipment and a lot more and then choosing the best one? Being someone who’s concerned about handling the kitchen space, you will give a lot of thought to the kitchen sink for sure.

Your kitchen’s sink, unlike the other utilities in a kitchen would require much more thought not just because of the aesthetics but also because of how a kitchen sink kind of proves itself to be the centrepiece of your entire workflow in the kitchen.

Best Undermount Kitchen Sinks for Granite Countertops

Though we used to stick out to the conventional models of the sink before and didn’t used to give much thought to it before, but with the increasing innovation and modern techniques, we have got a wide array to choose from in the present times. However, you would be looking for something that maximises your workflow while providing ease to you and it must also go with your Granite Countertop. Right?

Well, for that we suggest you to go with the Undermount Kitchen Sinks.

Why consider Undermount Kitchen Sinks?

To begin with the basics, there are majorly two main sorts of kitchen sink out there in the present market. First being, the drop-in or top-mount sinks which usually have a visible lip on around its perimeter and lays flat on your kitchen countertop. The sinkbasin drops straight into the countertop cut-out, and the perimeter lip holds everything in place

The second sort being the undermount kitchen sink, which is our prime focus here, doesn’t really have any visible lip area on the countertop. You will only see your kitchen sink cut out. Although there is a rim to hold it in place, it’s not visible as it sits inside your kitchen counter.

Since years, the drop-in kitchen sinks have dominated the majority of the market and were preferred by the general trend but then in the recent years, the trend changed, undermount kitchen sinks have gained a fair bit of attention from the consistent regulars.

Though, undermount sinks do come with a higher price tag, they offer better cleaning surface for your kitchen countertop. Apart from making it very easy to do the cleaning, it adds major aesthetical vibes to your kitchen too.

Basically, in our opinion, if you want the best consumer experience and value of your money, along with a side of aesthetics, undermount kitchen sinks are the best way to go.

Best Undermount Kitchen Sinks for Granite Countertops

To help you out with the most tedious part of kitchen shopping, we made a curated list of what we found to be the best Undermount Sinks that go with Granite countertops, the best.

1.  Blanco 440194 Single Bowl Undermount Kitchen Sink, Anthracite

BLANCO, Concrete Gray 442753 DIAMOND SILGRANIT Super Single Drop-In or Undermount Kitchen Sink, 33.5" X 18.5"

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as of March 17, 2023 8:37 pm

The Blanco Single-Bowl Undermount Kitchen Sink stands for its solid and vigorous build which is resistant to scrapes, dents, stains and can withstand other household acid solutions. So irrespective of what you are chopping, slicing or squeezing in it, you will not be able to damage this sink. Built with 80% granite, it can resist heat up to 5360F too.

The sink is made out of Silgranit material, which is robust enough to endure extreme hot and cold conditions, even while being used efficiently for a variety of kitchen tasks. The durability and the built-to-last factor of this product makes it stand out for long term use. The best thing about Silgranit is that it is very less likely to fashion any breakage to fine crystals or to your precious fragile dinnerware. We would say it’s the best choice to consider if you love eating in your Chinas and do cook on or use delicate cookware.

Being large in size and thus providing a lot of space for your dish washing and other kitchen chores, the sink itself is easy to clean and maintain well.


  • Weighs way lighter than most of the kitchen sink in the market.
  • Made of Anthracite, it does not have or even cannot develop rust spots.
  • Provides way more space than double-bowled sinks.
  • The robust material makes the Blanco 440194 very long-lasting and durable.


  • The installation can be a bit tricky and tiresome.
  • Requires regular maintenance to maintain its perfect condition.

2. ZUHNE Modena Undermount Kitchen Sink

ZUHNE Modena 30-Inch Stainless Steel Undermount Kitchen Sink with Accessories, 16 Gauge (Tight Radius Deep Single Bowl for 33” Cabinet)

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as of March 17, 2023 8:37 pm

The ZUHNE Modena Undermount Kitchen Sink is crafted with premium quality, industrial strength, 16 gauge T304 stainless steel, the sink is intended sturdy enough to endure the washing of heavy cookware including pots, pans, and such routine cookware. The Modena will not distort, dent or bow under normal conditions, which can be said on the fact that it is made with 25 percent more steel compared to similar products available in the market.

The bowl size of 28 x 16 x 10 inches makes it big enough to handle the pots and with ease or even carry out the basic mundane tasks of the kitchen flawlessly. The Modena’s heavy steel makes the sink quite rust-prone too.  To be a cherry on the top of the cake, this sink is made with sound dampening technology, so the clanking of dishes and the rattling of your silverware won’t be headache no more.

The purchase would include the three basic amenities needed for this sink to function effortlessly: a stainless-steel basket strainer, a mounting hardware, a cut-out template and a bottom grid.


  • Made of industrial strength, 16-gauge T304 stainless steel.
  • Impact, strain and stress resistant making the Modena quite durable.
  • The single bowl is large enough and strong enough to handle heavy pots.
  • The package would include a stainless-steel basket strainer, a mounting hardware and a cut out template and bottom grip too.


  • There would be a chance of staining/rusting if you don’t follow the manufacturer’s exact guidelines on how to keep the sink clean and maintain it properly.

3. Kraus KHU103-33 33-Inch Undermount Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink

Kraus Standart PRO 33-inch 16 Gauge Undermount 60/40 Double Bowl Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink, KHU103-33

$379.95  in stock
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as of March 17, 2023 8:37 pm

The Kraus KHU103 has a  double 60/40 split deep sink which offers you not only with the modern design which would be a striking addition to your kitchen’s contemporary visual, it also works out top jagged performance as well as it’s very functional for a large mess, heavy utensils or large pots or pans.

It is handcrafted by skilful artisan from the finest 16-gauge T-304 stainless steel with tight radius corners and clean lines of design. One huge concern with this kind of material, however, is the build-up of rust through time. But this durable undermount sink is built with a corrosion-resistant surface and satin finish that protects it from rust and oxidation and ensures ease of cleaning and maintenance, which can simply be done by wiping it with a damp cloth. With all the installation hardware provided for fast and hassle free set up, it comes with other components such as dual stainless-steel bottom grids, basket strainer, and a drain assembly. This makes the sink’s operation more convenient and efficient.

Kraus guarantees the smooth and quiet use of this undermount dual-sink as it is designed with a NoiseDefend Soundproofing technology that works to eliminate any sounds and absorb vibration created.


  • The Kraus KHU103 is soundproof with decent amount of insulation.
  • The double sink combined is very broad and dense enough to fulfil all your needs.
  • The package includes a wire rack to protect the sink.
  • The resistance and the durability of the sink makes it quite long-lasting.


  • The rack that comes in the package is quite difficult to clean.
  • The sink is quite heavier comparatively, making it relatively difficult to set up.

4. Frigidaire Undermount Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink

FRIGIDAIRE Undermount Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink, 10mm Radius Corners, 16 Gauge, Deep Basin, 19"

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as of March 17, 2023 8:37 pm

This sophisticated kitchen sink set is handcrafted with 16-gauge commercial grade 304 stainless steel which provide this sink with enhanced strength and performance efficiency. The robust build makes this sink to be able to meet the needs and demands of the different sizes and features of the pots, pans and other kitchenware that are commonly used in the household and are available in the present-day market.

The Frigidaire Undermount Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink features the patented V-Therm Shield technology which increases the heat retaining capacity of the sink and helps maintain a noise free usage and operation of the sink.

Built for your convenience and ease of use, this 10-inch deep undermount sink is built with a standard size drain opening for the standard-size garbage disposal and for easy and smooth preparation, washing and cleaning operation. Wrapped in a customized cloth bag, it features an attractive 10mm radius corner design for hassle-free cleaning and maintenance.


  • The patented V-Therm technology makes this sink stand out from the rest.
  • It’s 10 inch deep which stands foe enough space for huge household utensils and cookware.
  • The garbage disposal makes the functioning easy and improves your experience.
  • 10mm radius corner design for hassle-free cleaning and maintenance.


  • Some users did claim of the sink’s surface getting scratched easily or that it got rusted after a couple weeks’ usage

5. Blanco 441591 Diamond 1.75 Low Divide Undermount Double Bowl Kitchen Sink

BLANCO, Cinder 441591 DIAMOND SILGRANIT 60/40 Double Bowl with Low Divide Undermount Kitchen Sink, 32" X 21"

$535.60  in stock
6 new from $535.60
as of March 17, 2023 8:37 pm

Blanco already being one of the best luxury kitchenware producers definitely deserves a mention in this list. As a matter of fact, the sales of Blanco have increased like exponentially over the past few years.

When it comes to the Blanco 441591, the design or the built of the sink might seem sort of unorthodox to some, but the inclusive functionality and the purpose remains the same. The double sink features a low bowl design. However, the sturdiness and the overall build quality of the sink is amusing.

Blanco claims this particular model to be very hygienic and guarantees that it’s 100% food safe with its patented Hygienic Plus formula which protects the sink from bacteria and dust. The limited number of accessories limited to this particular sink might be a limitation to some but it could just be less hotch potch and minimalistic usage.


  • This sink features a premium and unique design.
  • The robust build guarantees its long last.
  • The sink is scratch and rust resistant.
  • The low bowl design of Blanco 441591 offers good usability.


  • The lack of accessories in the package marks the limitation of this sink.

Now to bring yourself to your personal best choice, we created a list of factors to help you out while making the choice too.

 Buyer’s Guide:

Having to come up with a kitchen sink that matches up with your interior décor and aesthetics and manages to fulfil all your requirements is kind of a tiresome task. We’d suggest you to go through the following factors before making the purchase so that you don’t end up buying something you might regret.

  • Budget:

As much as we’ve not considered this factor while coming up with our best reviews, it should be one of the major factors for you while choosing the perfect sink for you. You do not have to make a hole in your pocket and spend way out of your budget just for the sake of aesthetics. Go for something which you can afford.

  • Number of bowls and depth of the bowl:

If you need separate working stations, you should go for a double bowled one but keep in mind that you’d have more cleaning and maintenance to do in that case.

The bowl depth is a major factor too, as the deeper the bowl, the lesser cabinet space you have underneath it.

  • Required space:

Make sure the sink you choose fulfil your requirements or fits into the cut-out space you have for the sink in your countertop. You might end up with a bad mounting space which may cause troubles in the near future.

  • Accessories:

This really depends on you and the way you want to use it. Go with something which includes the accessories you would need in the package, that way you won’t have to spend extra buying the accessories separately.

  • Material of choice:

You’d find a number of materials to choose from. Stainless steel, copper and granite sinks, porcelain sinks or even some unconventional ones like cast iron, acrylic or fireclay sinks. However, stainless steel is the most popular one for they are rust resistant and prevents gunk build-up. Copper and granite sinks are the upcoming thing because of the bacteria resistance quality. Porcelain sinks are lightweight if you want to go for something like that. The unconventional ones are however, quite durable and easy to use.

  • Other factors:

There are many small factors which you should consider too like the garbage disposal, hot water requirements and drainage positions, the disposal placing and spacing. You have to be very particular with the details to buy the sink of your dreams.


Looking for the most apt sink, that too undermount is a tiresome task to do especially with all the small details and the factors to consider before making the purchase. For the final word, don’t buy anything way high than your budget just for the aesthetics and design of your kitchen and don’t even settle for less, get your money’s worth. Though, for the best undermount kitchen sinks for your Granite countertop, you can trust with everything on this list and make the smart choice.

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