The 5 Best Window Film for Day and Night Privacy

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If the windows at home leave you feeling uncovered, you’ll be happy to realize that the best window films for security are anything but difficult to introduce utilizing static stick or glue. These films offer insurance from prying eyes, and many shields from glare and UV light too. Some are beautiful, while others are just useful. Picking the correct film for you will descend to your particular needs and inclinations.

With window films, protection comes in a wide range of styles. Power outage window films will give you complete two-way security (both in and out) and shut out generally light. Reflected, iced, and tinted window films can likewise furnish you with security, yet they’ll despite everything let in some normal light.

Best Window Film for Day and Night Privacy

At times these films offer single direction security, during the day, nobody will have the option to see in, yet you’ll have the option to see out. All things considered; these window films don’t shield you from see around evening time. Enhancing films are tastefully engaging, flaunting various examples, hues, and plans while giving some protection.

Window films are intended to be sliced to accommodate your windows, however your smartest choice is to pick one that is generally near your window size, so you won’t need to do a great deal of cutting.

Best Window Film for Day and Night Privacy

These five window films will cause your home to feel substantially more private — so you can kick back and unwind in peace.

1. Rabbitgoo 3D No Glue Decorative Window Film

rabbitgoo Privacy Decorative Window Film, Non-Adhesive Static Cling 3D Glass Film, Removable Window Sticker UV Protection for Home Bathroom Privacy & Security, Flower Pattern, 35.4 x 78.7inches

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The plan of this film creates a one of a kind rainbow-like impact with various patterns each time the sun hits it. Basically, you need to encounter it yourself to comprehend the degree of profundity it has. The film is incredible for both winter and summer applications, as it can lessen the warmth in the late spring and furthermore increment the warmth in the winter.

To dispose of substance contamination and arrival of build-up, gum and different cements are absent in the item. Thusly, the film is ideal for the earth and even you. The window film utilizes a static stick which positions it solidly on the glass with no problem. Additionally, you can effectively expel and reapply as you go.

There is a defensive product which ought to be pulled off before setting the film on any surface. To make this much simpler, a scotch tape can be put on the edge of the smooth side and afterward the support evacuates via cautiously pulling the tape.

This film offers protection as it were, that it forestalls prying eyes yet gives space for the passage of daylight into your home. On that note, it is equipped for obstructing section of to 96% of UV beams. This is a magnificent method of lessening dangers to your wellbeing and furthermore the maturing of your furnishings.

Notwithstanding helping check maturing of furniture/to decrease blurring, this window film includes some significant pitfalls with negligible effect on your wallet. Joining these astounding characteristics, every purchaser sets aside cash when buying the film and furthermore on the expense of furniture support when utilizing the film.

The rainbow lighting impact which this window film produces is a significant appealing beautification which most property holders will love to add to their homes. There is additionally no harm to the windows or build-up when utilizing this film because of the static stick.


  • It does not leave any residue, after removing from a window.
  • It is quite economical, so does not go heavy on your pocket.
  • The Rabbitgoo 3D has the capacity to reduce the UV light by 96%
  • It sticks to the window without the usage of any additional glue.


  • Not suitable for usage on bathroom windows as the privacy level isn’t that balanced.
  • It may lose its stickiness over time.

2. Coavas Window Frosted Privacy Non-Adhesive Film

Coavas Window Film Non Adhesive Frosted Home Office Film Privacy Window Sticker Self Static Cling Vinly Glass Film for Bathroom Office Meeting Room Living Room (Matte White 17.7by78.7 Inch)

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This film gives a wonderful iced finish to your window with an extra security highlight. The security it offers increments with the separation and a ways off of one meter, the degree of protection the film offers is over 95%. This ability is quite except if somebody comes near look through the window (evident incidentally), it is hard to perceive what’s going on inside.

The film has a static stick, which infers that all it needs to stick immovably is water, applied to the surface. In- profundity, we mean once the surface is wet with enough water, apply the film on a superficial level and if need be, utilize a dry fabric to drive out air pockets and water which are on the support of the film to smoothen out the outcome.

Likewise, the window film accompanies a defensive product which ought to be expelled previously application and ought to in like manner be set on the front before smoothening the surface. This forestalls scratches which may result from the utilization of the fabric. Focuses made, outrageous climate conditions have no unfavourable impact on the film.

This, thusly, implies changes temperature level don’t make the film shrivel which settles on it an astounding decision both in summer and winter. The film can also safeguard heat in winter periods and offer protection from heat throughout the late spring.

One of the efficiently estimated window films, this is an extremely moderate film for anybody searching for an incredible security window film as it presents to 95% protection.

Utilizing it gives an invited security which is really fundamental for better places and situations. It has a wonderful vinyl shading with astounding characteristics (solidness is one) which make it usable in extraordinary conditions in different regions.


  • The film is recyclable, environment friendly and is durable.
  • It is quite economical, so does not go heavy on your pocket.
  • It can withstand extreme weather conditions.
  • Easy to peel off the skin off of any surface.


  • The film might come off as undone after some time.
  • It does not work with processed glass, cut glass or frosted glass.

3. Beautyhero Privacy Window Film

Coavas Window Privacy Film Frosted Glass Window Clings for Privacy Non-Adhesive Anti UV Static Cling for Home Shower and Office 78.7 x 17.7 Inches

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The absolutely frosted structure of this window film makes it a great expansion to sliding entryways, windows, and best of all to a washroom. Most window films despite everything offer perceivability from the outside when utilized in restrooms however the iced plan on this specific piece gives a hazy picture to guarantee your protection is continuously made sure about.

It is produced using naturally benevolent materials with a size of 17.7 x 78.7 inches. This implies it will fit practically any window size in spite of the fact that it might require a touch of cutting. A defensive film guarantees that the window film successfully sticks on the glass surface when it is set up. Wherein, the static stick forestalls the utilization of paste which wipes out synthetics and deposits from this item.

All that is required is to apply water to the surface before putting the film over it. The UV security from this film forestalls up to 90% of UV beams from entering through the window. To get the best outcome when introducing the film, a dry towel ought to be utilized in pushing out overabundance air bubbles furthermore, water from the film backing. Ultimately, life span isn’t an issue.

Giving a pure frosted finish and incredible for use in washrooms, this security film can be bought at a very reasonable cost. Furthermore, with it being waterproof like most others of this quality, we can say it has a great deal of territories secured adequately.

At the point when you need a great window film to keep anybody from seeing into a room both during the day and at evening time, at that point this is the ideal alternative. The iced structure improves protection around evening time in any event, when the inside lights are on.


  • Excellent for covering gaps by the window, especially for night.
  • Durable with good endurance.
  • It still lets light in despite providing the best privacy.
  • Top-notch level privacy.


  • Some people might not find the product easy to install.

4. Window Whirl Privacy Window Film

Privacy Window Film: Translucent Static Cling Treatment for Home Security and Decorative Opaque Glass Effect - No Residue, Heat Control, UV Prevention, Easy Removal (Winter Frost, 17.5 x 80 inches)

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Like the majority of the best window films accessible available, this specific one additionally utilizes the static stick strategy to adhere solidly to any glass surface. This takes out the utilization of different cements and gum which can cause synthetic contamination or arrival of poisonous substances that are dangerous to the earth.

Transportation the film is likewise deliberately done as it has a cardboard centre which forestalls wrinkling during transportation. Wrinkle on the film is seen plainly when it is put on any glass surface and it makes it simple for the film to evacuate at a beginning phase.

It estimates 17.5 x 80 inches which are a couple of inches longer than the vast majority of the films available. This gives the open door for purchasers to trim it as they see fit.

Different highlights which cause this a decent alternative to incorporate the toughness, UV security, heat control highlights for both summer and winter periods just as the iced finish which it provides for all glass surfaces.

This is a moderate window film which makes them extraordinary highlights at a cost underneath normal. It is additionally very tough with the maker giving great client assistance.

Window Whirl is one of only a handful scarcely any producers known for continually giving the best client services. When you buy their film, be certain that if the strength, its abilities in giving protection, and the simplicity of utilization don’t intrigue you, they themselves are accessible to make arrangements to suit your needs.


  • Does not leave any residue after removal from the surface.
  • Available in different sizes.
  • Comes with an instruction sheet which is very easy to understand.
  • Gives an excellent amount of privacy.


  • Not for people who want to peep outside every now and then.
  • Rough edges may form if not trimmed properly.

5. WPCTEV Privacy Window Film

Window Film One Way Mirror Film Daytime Privacy Static Non-Adhesive Decorative Heat Control Anti UV Window Tint for Home and Office Silver 6 Mil 17.7 Inch x 6.5 Feet

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The WPCTEV window film is a static stick film with a thickness of 0.15mm. The previous methods there’s no requirement for stick on the film surface so it is anything but difficult to clean and leaves no build up on any surface it is put on. Then again, the last assists with strength.

Introducing this single direction reflect window film is very simple as long as you follow the procedure accurately. The first thing that you have to do is to trim to the necessary size since it might come more extensive or longer than any window you have to fit the film.

Sudsy water ought to be utilized to wet the glass surface while the defensive backing on the film would then be able to be evacuated. When this is done, the sunlight-based film can be wet and afterward positioned on the surface.

Point made, there are other of highlights that the film offers. The counter glare highlight is one, while the UV insurance and single plane fluoroscopy are others. Taking them individually, fluoroscopy is the component which makes it difficult to see through the window film all things considered, which is the item’s principle work. The other one being the UV shield, which is helpful because of the assurance it offers.

This is one of only a handful scarcely any window films which come at a truly elevated cost. Thus, this item isn’t for customers on a strict financial plan. In any case, it despite everything offers some fantastic characteristics which settle on it an extraordinary decision.

The WPCTEV is worked to decrease perceivability from the outside of the window. What’s more, supplementing that reality is the simple expulsion which causes on the off chance that you need to apply the film elsewhere. Likewise, you get the opportunity to appreciate UV security (over 90%) in any room where the film is utilized.


  • Solid thermal insulation which cut costs up to 30 percent.
  • Easy application and removal of the film.
  • The sunlight blocking feature helps darken the home.
  • Thick and durable PVC material.


  • The film is not scratch resistant.
  • The adhesive back could be a bit stickier.

Shopping Guide:

Now that you have read about what we think to be the best Window Films for Day and Night Privacy, you must be wondering what major features or factors to consider before making the buy. Here are what we think to be the most important factors to consider before buying a window privacy film:

  • Type

Security window film comes as an ornamental, blackout, and single direction style. Embellishing protection window film consolidates UV and light blocking capacity with a striking example, ordinarily mosaic and even styles.

Blackout offers the most security and intended to cut daylight completely, functioning admirably with infant and light sleeper rooms. Single direction security window film permits clients to see the outside and the inverse for the other way around.

  • UV and Light Blocking Ability

A large portion of our suggested picks offer 90% UV blocking. Insurance from UV is basic, as drawn out presentation is known to cause wellbeing surrenders. These likewise make an uncommon showing of sifting through light too. A warm protection impact permits client to set aside on vitality bills.

  • Application Method

We love static stick on application techniques. You should simply trim to correct details, evacuate the support strip, spritz your smooth and clean window to make tenacity, and adjust the film to your window’s forms. This procedure should take close to 10 minutes with the main part of the work guaranteeing no little air bubbles structure in the middle of the window and the film.

  • Purpose

This is one of the main considerations to consider. You have to have a comprehension of what you have to achieve by buying a protection window film. Do you need extra security or you simply need to limit glare? There are various sorts of protection films relying upon your target.

  • Performance

There are various principles of execution quality. Some window colours are more vitality productive than some others. A window colour that has an improved VLT works more for vitality productivity in correlation with others. So, decide the presentation level before settling on a decision.

  • Aesthetics

We love protection window film with balanced plans that function admirably to supplement most home style.


For the final word, we would suggest you to buy what you think what’s the best for you and satisfies all your needs while considering the above mentioned factors when you choose what’s best for you. Keep in mind if you want a day time oriented or a night time-oriented window privacy film according to the place you got to put it up at.

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