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Do you know that earth has faced the warmest 6 years since 2014 only? Apart from the other factors, the rise in temperature is a direct result of increasing global warming. If you have heard about your Granny saying that days are much hotter now than that were at her younger age, she is right. We are facing much higher temperatures than any other generation.

Blaux Portable AC

Technologists have started searching for the best air-conditioning equipment to get relief from scorching weather conditions. The development of air conditioners is one such relief. They not only cool the place but also clean the air. But what if you are not able to bear the brunt of extreme electricity bills?

Portable air conditioners seem to be an efficient solution to the problems. If you do not want the summer heat to drag you down, let portable air conditioners do their duty. They are the best-in-class devices that maintain the perfect temperature of your room. Most importantly, they are travel-friendly and love to accompany you throughout your journey this summer. Blaux is one such brand that provides high-end portable air conditioners.

What is Blaux Portable AC?

Blaux portable AC is one of the recent members of the air conditioners that have specific features of instant cooling, multipurpose and most importantly can be used at any place.  It serves as a perfect solution to the scorching summer problems. It can work as a cooler, as an air conditioner, and as a humidifier as well. In other words, it can be termed as an ideal one-time-investment for summers.

Blaux has rightly understood the problems in the existing air conditioners and has improvised its product accordingly. It is simple to use, simple to charge, harsh on heat and humidity while staying soft on your energy bills. It gives you peace of mind and comfort as you do not need to worry about its maintenance and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere created by the miracle invention of Blaux.

Technical Facts, Specifications and Features:

So what is it that makes Blaux AC so special and available at such economical rates? Let us have a quick look at the following points:

  • It has a high-performing 2000mAh rechargeable lithium battery that works efficiently throughout the lifecycle of the product.
  • It takes DC5V/1A voltage and current.
  • The power consumption of Blaux AC ranges between 3W-5W only.
  • It can work tirelessly for 4-5 hours with one charge cycle only.
  • It starts cooling your place within 30 seconds of the start.
  • It has an air circulation volume of 3.5m/s.
  • It provides ice-cooling up to 5-7 degrees Celsius.
  • It scores 1.9 on Cubic per Feet rating that is highest for any of the portable air conditioners available in the market.
  • It has positionable air-flow and the user can adjust the air-flow according to requirements.
  • It is a cordless air conditioner and frees you from tangling wires.
  • It has an adjustable strap for easy handling and easy transportation.
  • It works simultaneously as an air-cleaner as well.

You do not necessarily need to be an Engineer to understand the features of the Blaux portable air conditioner. It is the best air conditioning device that offers multiple options in cooling, can be recharged using any source of power, requires low maintenance, and is versatile for use. The technical specifications of Blaux AC justify its efficient working and consistent performance.

The heat of the summers not only attacks your environment but creates a hole in your pocket as well. With Blaux AC, you just have to concentrate on your comfortable surroundings and it takes care of your finances. You get an ideal summer partner with Blaux AC at your place.

Pros and Cons of Blaux Portable AC


If you are still thinking about buying Blaux portable air conditioner for your place, do not forget to go through the following advantages of using this little piece of gem:

  • It does not need large a space and fits easily on any desktop or table.
  • It can be transported easily from one place to another and is lightweight.
  • It has a 300ml water tank that provides constant cool air for 4-5 hours.
  • It works seamlessly on direct power, DC or USB charging and can be used with a power bank as well.
  • It has 7 color light options on LED screen and you can choose the color cycle according to your mood.
  • It has 3 airspeed adjustments and 3 step functions. You can use it as an air cooler, air fan and as an air humidifier as well.
  • It is an environment-friendly air conditioning device.
  • It does not add to the power utility bills and gives high efficient cooling at the lowest power intakes.
  • In addition to the air conditioning, it filters the dust particles and supplies purified air to the surroundings.
  • It is easy to operate and has cordless operations.


Blaux Portable AC is your top choice for the essentials of the summer. While it is necessary, you must not forget the following points:

  • It can cool a small place only and does not work well for larger places.
  •  It requires a proper area for exhaust.

Why Blaux Portable AC?

Out of all of the options available in the portable AC’s market, you must go for the best in terms of robust construction, quality performance, and availability at economical rates. Another important aspect is the user-friendly and environment-friendly operations of the device.

It does not have a compressor unit and thus is light on your electricity tariff. In addition to this, you do not need to worry about the harmful release of CFCs as it does not use any refrigerant as coolant.

In addition to the regular air-conditioning operations, it provides moisture to air and prevents dryness to skin, eyes and nasal passages in hot and dry summers.

It is a right fit for areas with power cut issues as it can work easily on power bank and USB charging. With its ease of compactness, you do not need to place your air conditioner near to power sockets.

How does it work?

There is a simple science behind the magnificent working of Blaux Portable AC. The evaporative filter of the Blaux Portable AC takes in hot dry air and releases cool, clean, and conditioned air. It uses two voltage differential junctions to transfer the hot air into cool air thus eliminating the use of any freon.

You just need to plug in the unit, set its speed and it starts working. You can add water or ice to the tank according to your need.

It has a rechargeable battery and a refillable water tank that keeps it ready for each next use. It does not create any loud noise.

Rating and Reviews:

Our team has used Blaux portable AC and refuses to give it anything lesser than the highest rating on our 5-star rating scale. The device is just awesome and leaves no stone unturned in winning your heart.

Customers term it as a fantastic cooling fan with adjustable fins and touch control features. It is small and perfect for use.

Another customer regards Blaux portable AC as a noiseless solution to the erring coolers and fans, in case you love to sleep near to the coolers. He can now enjoy a peaceful sleep in the hottest summers as well.

Users are in love with the product due to its versatility and strongly consider it as the best replacement for the traditional coolers.

Blaux Portable AC Price:

You will be surprised to learn that heavy-duty Blaux portable AC is light on your pocket. The manufacturer offers a special 50% off under its introductory scheme and it will cost you $89.99 only. 

In addition to this, Blaux offers special offers on multiple buying. It has “Too Cool Pack” that offers 2 Blaux portable AC’s at just $179.98 only. The “Three’s Company Pack” has 3 portable AC’s at $202.48 only. The most amazing is the “Mega Cool Pack” at $247.47 in which you get 4 units of Blaux portable AC’s.

Where to Buy?

Blaux Portable AC is available online and can be ordered from the company’s official website as well. You can leverage the multiple offers of the manufacturer by ordering it through their official website directly.

In addition to the offers, Blaux 100% customer satisfaction and has a 30-days money-back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with the performance of the product. However, chances are rare that you need to go for returns.


You cannot skip the summers out if the seasonal cycle of the earth but can skip the problems related to summer by owning Blaux Portable AC. It is a compact, efficient, user-friendly, and environment-friendly air conditioner.

A lifetime investment that will work multidimensional in providing cool air, humidity in summers and can be used simply as a fan as well. Grab a one for your place right now.

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