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Do you know that there are more than 1 million species of insects on our planet? They do not bother you unless they enter your surroundings. The small yet powerful insects have the potential of causing multiple diseases, damages our cultivation, and create an unpleasant environment.           


To stay protected from insects, you can go for the pesticides that not only kill the insects but also leave adverse effects on our surroundings. You still have the option of mosquito repellents that discharge harmful gases in your place or creams that may not suit your skin.

All of these options are not a sure shot solution and have one or the other problems linked with them. Insect zappers are one such modern solution to the problems of insects that is free from side effects and shows good results in eliminating insects. BuzzBGone is a perfect insect zapper that works on simple science.

What is BuzzBGone?

BuzzBGone is a compact insect zapper that works on power. It has a powerful suction created by its fans that traps the insects inside its cylindrical chamber and prevents them from flying out. In addition to this, due to the dehydrating nature of the chamber, insects die inside BuzzBGone and you are free from mess.

BuzzBGone removes buzzing beings without causing any harm to living beings. It does not use any chemicals and works for any location. There is no need to apply any lotions or burn any mosquito-repellents when BuzzBGone is working.

Technical Facts, Specifications, and Features:

The features of BuzzBGone are:

  • It requires power up to 5V only.
  • It includes 360 degree UV light and fans.
  • It contains a dehydrator and a holding area for the insects.
  • It starts operating within a few seconds of connection to power.
  • It provides efficient coverage of up to 40 m.
  • It is a plug-and-play device and hence can be used by anyone in the home.
  • It is chemical-free and is safe for babies and kids.
  • It is a portable and compact device.
  • It comes with a brush to effectively clean the dead insects from the collecting chamber.
  • It works effectively on any type of insects.

We all know that insects can’t differentiate between natural and artificial sources of light and are very small to defend themselves against the strong suction pull. BuzzBGone is the practical application of simple science.

Pros and Cons of BuzzBGone


BuzzBGone has many benefits. Let us have a look at the major advantages of using BuzzBGone:

  • It is small in size and can be transported easily from one place to another without any hassle. Hence, you can use the same BuzzBGone at your home, picnic place, etc.
  • It has a robust construction and is free from any sort of specialized maintenance.
  • It requires minimal power for operations.
  • It does not release any harmful chemicals in the air and is 100% toxins-free.
  • It uses the basic idea of attracting and catching the insects and does not cause any disturbance like persistent noise in the surroundings.
  • It is not messy as all of the insects trapped inside dies inside the chamber only due to the dehydrating properties of the chamber.
  • It is a cheap solution as compared to the other anti-insects products available in the market.

Nothing matches the versatility of BuzzBGone when it comes to the removal of any types of insects, toxin-free operation, affordable rates, and 100% performance. It is a flawless product with a long list of applications.


There are no main disadvantages of using BuzzBGone except for the reason that

  • The major issue with BuzzBGone is that it is only available online.

Why BuzzBGone?

Mosquitoes and other insects do not only create irritating buzzing sounds and bite marks but these are the reason behind many diseases that are caused by viruses, bacteria, and even by the insects directly.

There is an urgent need for the anti-insects or mosquito-repellents. Sadly, the products available in the market are not feasible for everyone’s pocket. They are the commercial level electrical devices that perform well on insects but require a large space and power connection for efficient use.

BuzzBGone is an ideal solution to all of the problems. It does not kill the insects directly; rather it catches them by luring into UV light. This ensures that all of the insects are attracted to the BuzzBGone.

BuzzBGone does not use any sort of harmful chemicals or poison to kill the insects. It uses suction technology to trap and its dehydrator kills the insects effortlessly without leaving any mess in your place. You can easily remove the dead insects from BuzzBGone by simply emptying its lower portion.

BuzzBGone is an affordable solution to the insect’s problem and works well in homes, patios, gardens, outdoor locations, etc. It requires minimal power and protects using a natural process. Thus it is 100% safe for kids and babies.

How does it work?

BuzzBGone works without the use of any poison or harmful chemicals that pose a threat to your family. It is an electronic device. BuzzBGone works well with a direct power connection or works with a power bank using a USB port on it.

When you connect BuzzBGone with power supply, there is no requirement of waiting time or set up time. It starts emitting UV light at an angle of 360 degrees that cover the entire area around the device. The bugs, mosquitoes, and other insects are attracted to this UV light and they try to reach the source of the light.

Once the insects are near to the device, the powerful fans of the BuzzBGone suck them into the cylindrical portion and they are trapped in the lower portion of the device. It maintains cleanliness as the mosquitoes are trapped inside only.

The inside chamber of BuzzBGone is a dehydrator that eliminates the water content from the body of insects and hence they can’t survive. You can simply remove the dead insects after every use.

BuzzBGone works on simple technology of attracting the insects with UV rays and then trapping them inside using the suction created by its fans. It is a 100% non-toxic way of eliminating insects from your place.

Rating and Reviews:

Our team has used BuzzBGone and gives it a top score of 5-stars on our rating scale. It is a superb product in terms of cost, function, and maintenance.

One of the customers of BuzzBGone term it as a device that “actually works” in preventing the mosquito bites. He was fed up to see them eating the soft skin of his kids by the mosquitoes and had tried several products but all in vain. He is satisfied with the efficient working of BuzzBGone.

The second user of BuzzBGone terms it as the more effective as the anti-mosquito lotions. He is allergic to mosquito bites and develops rashes and painful itching. He has tried a lot of body lotions but BuzzBGone came to his rescue. He does not need to apply anything on his body and can relax while BuzzBGone is at duty.

The other user of BuzzBGone terms it as a compact version of the commercial-grade insect zappers. His BuzzBGone is working high in flying away moths, flies, mosquitoes and other bothersome insects as well. He gives the whole credit to the UV light of BuzzBGone.

BuzzBGone Price:

BuzzBGone is available at highly economical rates. In addition to the actual price, the company offers a 50% discount on a single unit of BuzzBGone. So you will be getting it at affordable rates of $39.99 only.

If you are looking for bulk buying, you can go for “Double Coverage Pack” having 2 units of BuzzBGone at $79.98 only. Another deal is “Triple Coverage Pack” having 3 units of BuzzBGone at $89.98. If you want to buy 4 units of BuzzBGone, go for “Family Coverage Pack” at $109.97 only.

Where to Buy?

BuzzBGone can be ordered from its official website. It is the best channel to buy an original BuzzBGone. You get discounts on buying either a single unit or multiple units of BuzzBGone. It also offers discounts up to $10 on second purchases.

If offers are not enough, the manufacturer has come up with a special 30-days money-back guarantee that aims to give 100% customer-satisfaction. If you are not satisfied with the quality of BuzzBGone, you can simply return it and get your money back; however, it is impossible that you will feel dissatisfied with the amazing working of BuzzBGone.


BuzzBGone is a must-to-have product especially in summers and if you are fond of outdoor picnics. You can’t afford to expose yourself to the dangers posed by insect bites.

Secondly, it is a cheap and high-performing product that does not need any special care. You can use it wherever you want to and it works without any type of side-effects at all. Haven’t got a one for you yet, grab a one now!

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