How Long Does Vinyl Siding Last?

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Do you know that according to a study by an NGO, buying a home is in the top five priorities of any person across the globe? It is indeed true as you enjoy uncountable benefits while staying in your home.

Like all other personalized stuff, you look for the best for your homes and when it comes to the exteriors, you leave no stone unturned in gaining the appreciation of your friends and neighbours. Unlike most of your other important needs, buying and decorating your home needs big budgets. Hence, whatever you chose, you have to take care of its affordability.

Why Siding?

The replacement of the exteriors of your home with siding may prove to the best decision of your life. The addition of siding ensures lower maintenance of the home exteriors as they look great even if you don’t care for them.

Secondly, there is zero need to paint the exteriors as siding retains its color irrespective of the conditions of the weather, location, etc. Hence, you are always on the money-saving side. A step ahead in the siding is the insulated siding that creates a great cushion between the exteriors and you. Not to miss is the energy efficiency of these sidings. If you want to add a “curb appeal” to your home, it is hard to ignore the siding.

Why Vinyl Siding?

Out of all of the materials used in siding, Vinyl is one of the best materials that encompass the advantages of all of the leading materials. The durability of wood and stucco eliminating their moisture resistance is what you get in vinyl sidings.

The best functionality of aluminium along with the improved life span id another feature of using vinyl siding. But do you know that back in the year 1950, when vinyl siding was introduced, people were not sure about its features? Thanks to technology and awareness, most of the renovation companies now suggest vinyl siding as the best exteriors.

How long does Vinyl Siding Last?

Vinyl siding consists of two layers called the top layer and the beneath layer. The top layer is made up of polyvinyl chloride, resin, and titanium dioxide. The beneath layer is made up of limestone along with polyvinyl chloride and resin.

The main function of the top layer is to ensure smooth coloration and protection from the harmful UV-rays of the sun. It is responsible for the beautiful exteriors of your place. The use of the bottom layer is to facilitate the manufacturing of vinyl siding and high affordability. Let us first have a look at various reasons ensuring its durability.

  • Zero maintenance: There are fewer things about your home that has the functional property that you can forget about them after placing them for work. You will be glad to know that vinyl siding is one such home decorator that has zero maintenance requirements. Hence, you can enjoy a peaceful life.
  • Resistant to weather: You may be living in an area with high snow and rainfall and the same starts to take a toll on your home as well. This can lead to the fading of colors and may lead to a reduction in the original glow of your exteriors. Another problem is the chalking that is observed in exteriors suffering from high levels of sunlight. Thanks to vinyl siding, it is 100% resistant to the damages caused by water, snow to your exteriors. The strong two-layer functionality of the vinyl siding takes the credit to perform high irrespective of the weather conditions.
  • Impact resistance: Vinyl materials come with the born ability to withstand high force or shock over a small period. It must be noted here that high force over a short period causes more losses than weak forces over a long duration.  Hence, you can trust the protection of these vinyl siding that has inherited power to prevent any damages due to high-pressure forces on your dream home.
  • Flame retarding: Most of the vinyl siding have a chlorine base that makes them flame retarding and fire-resistant. Owing a flame retarding exteriors eliminates the chances of accidental fires at your place.


Vinyl siding comes with a warranty and their working life can be safely concluded to be around 60 years. With little observation and choice of the best vinyl siding according to your needs, you can improve their working life as well.

You can choose from the multiple grades of vinyl siding that are made to distinguish between residential and commercial uses. You can rely on the durability of the vinyl siding that bears the test of time and conditions. The half-century is the least what you can expect from your vinyl siding.

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