How to Cover Kitchen Cabinets with Vinyl Paper?

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It is almost impossible to imagine modern kitchens without multipurpose kitchen cabinets. Kitchen cabinets are more than just storage spaces as they possess the power to transform the looks of your kitchen. The dream of many homeowners is beautifully realized by the kitchen cabinets that successfully cross the border of being called storage spaces and gains an important space in the architecture of your kitchens. Missing kitchen cabinets may not be the most affordable solution for your place.

Why Cover Kitchen Cabinets?

The processes of different types of cooking and other operations related to preparation for cooking expose your kitchen cabinets to multiple things that can cause temporary and permanent loss to your kitchen cabinets. Nobody wants dirty kitchen cabinets. It is quite obvious that you can’t stop cooking but what you can do is to cover them with some stain proof and waterproof materials that protect your kitchen cabinets and helps them in long service as well.

Further, you may have been looking for a nice makeover for your kitchen but have to postpone it owing to the budgetary constraints of renovation. Simply covering your kitchen cabinets doesn’t only renovate the old looks of your kitchen cabinets but you can get customized kitchen cabinets at the most affordable costs.

How to cover?

Vinyl paper is the topmost option when it comes to cover your kitchen cabinets. Vinyl paper is available in different color and design options that help you to create a personalized space along with high levels of affordability. The self-adhesive property of vinyl paper makes your kitchen cabinets look like new even when you replace them. It is easy to clean as well.

Thus, you can buy these vinyl papers easily online or at any supermart. Once you are satisfied with the choice of vinyl paper, it is super easy to start covering your kitchen cabinets.

The following is the step by step guide to cover kitchen cabinets with vinyl paper:

  1. Measure the size: Measuring the size of your kitchen cabinets will give you an exact judgment of how much vinyl paper is required to cover all of the kitchen cabinets. Make sure to take notes in case you have different sizes of kitchen cabinets for specific purposes. This size is then matched to the size of vinyl paper to eliminate any size mismatch during purchase.
  2. Choice of Vinyl paper: Once you are ready with the sizes, the next step is to look for the ideal vinyl paper. You can choose from the different textures and designs of the vinyl paper available in the market according to your taste and need. You can go for a faux wood-grain texture or a leather texture. Not to miss is the correct size that you can check on the pack of vinyl paper and match it according to the size of your kitchen cabinets.
  3. Cleaning is a must: You may not want to pack dust and stains in your kitchen cabinets and hence the important step while covering your kitchen cabinets with vinyl paper is to clean your kitchen cabinets thoroughly. You can take the help of clean cloth along with mild detergent to make them look like new before you start the covering process. This cleaning of the kitchen cabinets also ensures that you get new looking kitchen cabinets each time you change the vinyl paper.
  4. Removing the handles: It is important to remove the handles of the kitchen handles to prevent any dead spots while covering the kitchen cabinets. It is always hard to cover while you have handles on the surface of kitchen cabinets. You can easily remove them and place them in a clean place until you complete the covering.
  5. Covering using self-adhesive: Your vinyl paper has self-adhesive and all you need to do is place it along the face of the kitchen cabinet, verify its size quickly, and start pasting. You may require some cutting here so keep scissors handy with you. Once you are sure of the effortless seam, start pasting it on the surface. Make sure to use a squeegee to remove wrinkles and trapped air.
  6. Reattaching the handles: Once you have completed the covering process, it is time to reattach the handles to all of your kitchen cabinets. Make sure not to miss any screws and tight those properly to prevent any loose kitchen cabinet handles.


Don’t get tired of the compliments from the guests asking the details about the new style of your kitchen cabinets. Do share with them that the secret is to cover them with vinyl paper. A free afternoon, a handful of tools and you are ready for it. It is indeed easy to cover your kitchen cabinets with vinyl paper.

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