How to Fix a Gurgling Kitchen Sink (An Easy Guide)

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Do you know that the history of sinks is as old as they were invented in the 18th century in the United States? These sinks were washstands those days with a pitcher and a deep bowl placed on small tables. Sinks have evolved way long after that. A long time before it was considered bad to use a sink inside the cooking area or kitchen area.

However, the challenging modern age made kitchen sinks an internal part of your home that not only facilitates cooking but helps in maintaining the hygiene of your kitchen as well. The same journey of kitchen sinks from wash tables to an important part of our interior was realized by multiple companies that came forward with modern kitchen sinks. The best kitchen sinks are to yearn for a while you may sometimes have to solve some issues related to them too.

Gurgling Kitchen Sink: Decoding Its Voice

An ill kitchen sink needs immediate attention. Improper drainage is the most common and most easily solved problem faced by the kitchen sinks. Many companies try to solve these issues by providing innovative technologies in the drainage system of the kitchen sinks. A noisy kitchen sink can be a real pain that is ideally termed as a gargling kitchen sink.

How to Fix a Gurgling Kitchen Sink

You may love beeps from your oven that indicates completion of your cooking. What you may not like is a talking kitchen sink. Most of us have experienced the gurgling sounds of the kitchen sink which is the noise of air from the drainage of the kitchen sink. This indicates that the water is not able to go smoothly through the pipes and there are some possible obstructions in its routine channel.

Best Remedies to Fix Gurgling Kitchen Sink:

Know the reason:

It is important to get the root cause of gurgling before starting troubleshooting of your kitchen sink. You can give a thorough check to the drainage pipe and the vent pipe.

Reasons for Gurgling Kitchen Sink:

  • Washing of utensils and appliances being the most common use of your kitchen sinks makes them exposed to different types of garbage like food residues, leftover bones, etc. These residues may look small but have the potential to block the drainage pipes of our kitchen sink. The drainage pipes lead to the proper elimination of the wastewater from your kitchen to the sewage. When the residues or this kitchen garbage gets collected in your drainage pipe it blocks the natural flow of water and hence is the noise of gurgling.
  • The vent pipe of the kitchen sink has the responsibility of eliminating gases out of the pipes. It is important to ensure the smooth flow of water. The vent pipe is ideally located under the sink pipe that takes sewer gas to the roof of your place. The items like nests, leaves, etc. may block the open end of the vent pipe resulting in the abnormal channel of the sewer gas. The sewer gas thus gets pushed into the drainage pipe resulting in weird noises from your kitchen sink.

Troubleshooting drainage and vent pipes:

Use an auger to clean your drainage pipe. It eliminates the vacuum so created and paves the way for kitchen sink water. Check the open end of your vent pipe for any possible obstacles. You can use a plunger that is an easily available tool and highly affordable solution to remove the out of the pipes and relax the flow of water.

Use baking soda and vinegar:

The combination of baking soda and vinegar eliminates all of the possible grease and fats that are accumulated in the pipes of your kitchen sink. All you need to do is pour 180g of baking soda and hot water followed by vinegar and hot water. The hot water clears the debris and gurgling are eliminated.

Using the “U” bend of pipes:

All you need to do is remove the U-bend of the kitchen sink pipe and remove the accumulated water and debris using any wire or warm water. Refit it to get zero gurgling pipes. Don’t forget to use basic plumbing tools and a bucket.

Use of chemical clog removes:

The clog removes are easily available at any supermart that flashes out all of the debris from your kitchen sink pipes. It is however advised not to mix different chemical solutions.


The problem with your kitchen sink slowly becomes the problem of your kitchen if not handled properly. No need to panic as there is no monster in your kitchen when you observe gurgling! It is your kitchen sink that requires your attention and you can fix it easily using any of the above-mentioned ways.

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