How to Remove Vinyl Floor Tiles from Concrete?

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What do you trust when it comes to flooring in your home? The concrete floor steals the show when it comes to customization and affordability. There is no good alternative to the traditional flooring as like the concrete floors that are long-lasting, extremely durable, and easy to maintain as well.

Thus, the concrete floors are highly compatible that can be designed on any budget, provide unlimited creative options, resists moisture, reduces allergens, and are free from volatile organic compounds. You can trust concrete when it comes to the care of your four-legged family members. The best customization of concrete is done with vinyl flooring.

Why Vinyl Floor Tiles?

People were not aware of the polyvinyl chloride (PVC) based floor coverings called vinyl till the 1940s. It was around this time that vinyl gain popularity as a finished flooring material for high traffic areas. Vinyl floor tiles are abrasion-resistant and bear a large impact as well.

The variety in color and textures of vinyl floor tiles ensures the best-customized floors with the least maintenance. Considered best for commercial applications, the combination of vinyl floor tiles on concrete has a long way to go. The low cost, durability, easy maintenance, and variety in designs are hard to find in any other flooring materials.

How to Remove Vinyl Floor Tiles from Concrete?

You may require a serious renovation at your place that needs replacement of existing vinyl floor tiles. It is indeed easy to remove the vinyl floor tile from concrete. Another reason can be the wearing out of the vinyl floor tiles over time that gives a bad look to your floors. It is best to remove the old vinyl floor tiles and replace them with the new ones.

Whether your floors are looking old, you require renovation, or need to prepare your house for a good sale, it becomes imperative to change the vinyl floor tiles. But first of all, it is vital to understand the method by which they are applied to the concrete.

The installation of vinyl floor tiles on concrete is done using specially formulated vinyl adhesive or tile mastic that is highly pliable. This adhesive has exemplary adhesion properties that hold your vinyl floor tiles to the floor firmly. Hence, when you are looking to remove your vinyl floor tiles from concrete, you have to break this barrier of adhesion.

After knowing the vinyl floor tiles, let us move to the step by step guide to remove them with the best tools for this chore. Although you don’t need an army of tools, the following are of great help while you are planning to remove vinyl floor tiles from concrete:

  • Putty Knife
  • Utility Knife
  • Heat Gun
  • Prybar
  • Commercial adhesive stripper

It is easy to collect all of these tools from a supermart nearby your place. Utility knife and heat gun come in almost all of the tool kits while you have to look for putty knife and prybar. Further, you can choose any of the commercial adhesive strippers from the leading brands.

  • Know your vinyl floor: It is well-known that before the 1980s asbestos vinyl floors were used in homes that is a hazardous thing to deal with. Hence, you need to get clarity over the type of vinyl floor tiles at your place. It is best recommended to remove vinyl floor tiles with asbestos from a professional only.
  • Clear the floor: Remove all of the furniture and other things from the floor of the room before you start the tiles removal process.
  • Remove baseboards: Once you have a clear work area, it is time to remove the baseboards. Use a prybar and woodblock to uncover the edges of the floor. Place woodblock some inches above the baseboard and swiftly tap the top of the prybar to force it under the trim. You may save the trim for reuse as well.
  • Removing the first tile and repeating: Use a utility knife to cut through the vinyl tile. Use a heat gun at the strip that softens the adhesive and pry it away from the floor with the help of a knife. Repeat the same process for the entire floor.
  • Removing adhesive: Using the commercial adhesive remover, remove the residual adhesive on the floor and sweep it to get a nicely finished floor.


Remember that removing vinyl floor tiles from concrete is a massive job so you must not hurry to complete it. It is, however, an easy process that doesn’t need any strict supervision and can be done alone perfectly. So, take a weekend or rest day from your busy schedule, collect the above-listed tools, and with the engineer inside you to perform!

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