Nature Fresh Air Purifier vs Breath Green Charcoal Bag (Review)

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For each human out there, the odor does play a free key role in our lives. Each of us wants to keep our surroundings clean and go on to take preventive measures about it. To do this, there are several products available in the market, which make sure to keep your surroundings clean and odorless. Having a bad odor in the air serves as a common problem for many of the households out there. It does turn out to be true for those households who own a pet.

Although no doubt in saying that pets are the cutest creatures in the world, but there are both pros and cons for keeping them. These furry creatures do leave behind some of their skin or the urine stains, which does create a bad odor. Even after excessive cleaning, you can get rid of that odor from the homes. 

Nature Fresh Air Purifier vs Breath Green Charcoal Bag

Then in such a case, one of the ways how people resort to is through getting hands on the air fresheners. These air fresheners help to keep enjoyable house cleaning. However, one of the drawbacks of using these air fresheners is that the old conventional ones do contain a certain amount of chemicals turned as harmful. Moreover, the fragrance of these air fresheners is powerful that it can create a sense of nausea for the people in the room.

However, if you are someone who has been looking for some practical ways to keep the homes smelling clean and odor-free, then it is time to get your hands on ‘Nature Fresh Air Purifier, Bamboo Charcoal Bags’ or ‘Breath Green Charcoal Purifying Bag.’ 

The Nature Fresh Air Purifier Bamboo Charcoal Bags:

These are high-quality air purifier bags by Kisx, which properly absorb the odor and keeps the air out there very purified without causing any harm to the environment. The activated bamboo charcoal powers the air purifier in 100% of the quantity. Each of these air purifier bags covers a total of 90 square feet, which is pretty much an ideal coverage.

The best part about these purifiers is that they do not need any electric cords or batteries to be able to work 24 hours a day and seven days a week. These purifiers can very efficiently absorb all the bad odors while keeping the air which is inside to be extremely pleasant and fresh. It also contains an odor eliminator, naturally instilled. The product testing and the reports clearly state that it is fragrance-free and chemical-free.

Hence, after getting hands on this product, one can be very sure of the safety of your entire house members as well as the pets at your house. Moreover, the product can easily absorb all the harmful particles in the air naturally to keep the surroundings also very clean. 

The air purifier bags stuffed up with bamboo charcoal, which does have lakhs and millions of very tiny cavities. These have pores that do act precisely like a magnetic sponge. The particles to these magnetic sponges get attracted very naturally. 

Here are a few core reasons to get your hands on the Nature Fresh Air Purifier Bamboo Charcoal Bags:

  • The product comes sealed in a linen bag, which is durable. 
  • The air freshener has a metal grommet in one of the corners, which makes it very simple to hang the product anywhere on the walls. 
  • The air freshener helps in removing all the odor, harmful, and dust particles. 
  • The product also helps in removing the cigarette smoke from the air. 


  • Deodorizer

This air purifier acts as an ultimate home deodorizer. It has an element of the activated charcoal odor, which acts as an absorber and gets rid of all the bad smell generally, which helps to maintain the environment pleasant, clean, and odorless. The product can be used best for closets, cats, bathrooms, or near the pet areas. 

  • Safe

The product is very natural in its composition and super safe to use. The air purifier bags are chemical-free and fragrance-free at the same time. The product made from bamboo, which is sun-dried and o=is oven booked into the charcoal. The air purifier does not contain any chemicals which could be harmful to the pets or the children. 

  • Value for Money

The good part about the product is that it can easily be reusable for up to 2 years. This natural air purifier does keep the bamboo charcoal activated as the bag gets exposed to the sunlight for one hour in a month.   

Breath Green Charcoal Purifying Bag: 

Breath green is supposed to be a natural purifier that works as a natural force to remove the odor. It also helps in maintaining the surroundings fresh, clean, and dirt free. It is essential to keep living very clean.

As per the research carried out by the Japanese researchers, the element of activated charcoal used in this air purifier is super active at the adsorption of ammonia. Charcoal considered to be super useful in removing formaldehyde. It is known to be super toxic to the humans out there and causes some health hazards to the individuals. 

Here are a few core reasons to get your hands on the Breath Green Charcoal Purifying Bags:

  •  Overall Look

The physical appearance of Breath Green Charcoal Purifying Bags is overall incredibly stylish, simple, and classy. These natural air purifiers bag is stitched with perfection and contains the element of porous bamboo charcoal. To make the product even more convenient, there is an embedment of the metal grommet in the leftmost upper corner.

The most natural part about this product is that it can be easily placed anywhere at some numerous locations such as cars, toilets, rooms, bathrooms, closets, etc. The toxins can easily get removed from the air, as the particles get trapped inside. 

  • Deodorizer

The Breath Green Charcoal Purifying Bag acts much more than a deodorizer in the house. This air purifier has attributed to eliminating all the unwanted and bad odor. Also, to get rid of the pollutants, allergies, bacteria. This purifier can also prevent mildew or molds. All this eventually leads to the food at home fresh as it eliminates the scope of bacteria.

All the moisture gets on to get absorbed by the purifier, which keeps the food away from destroying. The various things such as shoes, gym equipment’s are all safe in the presence of the breath green charcoal purifying bag as it keeps the bad odor away. 

  • Secret Ingredient

These Breath Green Charcoal Purifying Bags, are made up of one main secret ingredient, which is: Activated Bamboo Charcoal. This hidden element is supposed to be very useful in keeping the air we breathe around us super fresh and clean. These pores allow all the air to pass through it, which eventually makes all the bacteria, odor and allergen get trapped in the surface of the sky and helps to purify the air to a large extent.

The Bamboo charcoal has proven scientifically, which helps in reducing all the chemicals such as benzene, formaldehyde, ammonia, etc. Various forms of chloroform gases are emitted, such as carpeting, chemical cleaners, plastic, and all the rubbish out there. 

How to use Breath Green Charcoal Purifying Bag?

The usage of this air purifying basis very simply and does not let the individual take a lot of time and effort. Here are the simple steps which one can follow to get the maximum benefits:

  1.  Simply the user needs to put the bag near things or places where there are chances of lousy odor recollecting. These places can be near the shoes, near pets, kitchen area, cars, bathrooms, luggage, suitcases, fridge, freshly painted walls, etc. 
  2. For practical usage, the bag needs to be kept out every month in the sun for an hour. Done to refresh the bag and make it reusable again and again. 
  3. Once the product appropriately used for two years. It makes sure to cut the bag and sprinkle in the garden, which leads to improving the quality of the soil. 

Nature Fresh Air Purifier Bamboo Charcoal Bags VsBreath Green Charcoal Purifying Bag

When compared between the two very premium air purifiers, it is Breath Green Charcoal Purifying Bag, which does earn a few extra brownie points. It is because it has a very secret element of Activated Bamboo Charcoal, which is premium effective and efficient to get rid of all the bad odor.

Moreover, the usage of the Breath Green Charcoal Purifying Bag is a little simpler and more comfortable as compared to the other purifiers in the market. Overall, the Bamboo charcoal turns out to be a better choice and has got some great reviews on the internet by the existing users.

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